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Feel alive again.

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Welcome to the luxurious Wellness SPA Center in Kailash Colony Delhi!

Unleash and create new energy for your body and mind!

Depend on experienced massage therapists at the spa - soothe the tension, remove the pain, and treat yourself to a wonderful recharge therapy with manual hot herbal oil massage combined with a facial massage or a scalp massage.

Love yourself and take care of your good health now!

The offer includes:

  • Deep relaxing full-body massage with herbal oils;
  • Massage gift: foot massage;
  • Duration of massage: 60 minutes;
  • Oils used for massage are: patchouli, ylang ylang, orange, lavender, mint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, jasmine.
  • Massage is a valuable healing and prophylactic. Through it, on the one hand, there is a significant reduction in the subjective complaints of massages - there are anesthesia, calming, relaxation. On the other hand, it also has a beneficial effect on the course of various types of diseases, improving tissue nutrition and speeding up the healing process. Third, massage has a pronounced prophylactic effect - it improves the nutrition of the tissues and thus accelerates the healing process, increases the body's defenses and its resistance to colds, infectious and other factors.

    More about massage:

    Some authors believe that the word "massage" is derived from the Sanskrit and Greek words "mass" - hand wringing, others from Latin "mass" - finger-sticking, third from Arabic "mass" - slightly pressing, or from the Hebrew "waving" translated by tapping.

    Thanks to both the techniques and the extracts of the essential oils, the massage has a strong tonic effect and recharges the body with new strength by eliminating stress, fatigue and overloading emotions accumulated during the work week.

    Classical massage is generally about relaxing the muscles and removing tension by mechanically treating the body surface using special techniques and techniques of the massage therapist. The physiological action of massage consists of three main effects:

    * Mechanical action - stretching the skin, pushing tissue fluids to the vessels, as well as moving the lymph and venous blood from the periphery to the heart.

    * Reflexive action - through the massage, certain tissues are irritated, which sends impulses to the nervous system. This results in a reflex response and a corresponding physiological effect - redness and warming of the skin is a sign of a reflex response.

    * Humoral action - massage irritation favors the formation of certain biologically active substances in the skin and tissues that have a pronounced physiological effect.

    The most important action is the reflex, because it improves circulation, strengthens the metabolic process, tones the tissues and thanks to this, it has a calming and analgesic effect. In the skin and subcutaneous tissue, the massage activates the fat and sweat glands and helps to burn the subcutaneous fat faster. This slows down the aging of the skin and makes it softer, supple and smoother.

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    Let our friendly staff welcome you to the best massage service in Kailash Colony Delhi.

    Massage Therapist

    Certified in Full Body Massage, Tara offers a fusion of different styles she has learned over the years, and blends tradition with the physiology of the body.

    Massage Therapist

    I have been licensed for 5 years. Nice, clean, friendly, relaxing environment. Good rate, flexible hours.

    Massage Therapist

    I have been licensed for 7 years. I have worked at Wellness Spa for 7 years. Full body massage, Swedish Massage, Deeptissue Massag etc.

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