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Full Body Massage Parlour

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Full Body Massage Parlour

Full Body Massage Parlour

At the Wellness Spa, the relaxation massage combines with aromatherapy (aroma therapy) and melotherapy (music therapy), so that the fullness of your senses is one!

Stress is the main disease factor of our times, and relaxation massage is one of the most important methods to combat this modern scourge! This type of massage does real wonders against states of irascibility, agitation, depression, insomnia, pain.

People who do not have intense physical activity and spend many hours in the office, in front of the computer, in uncomfortable positions or standing up are prone to a variety of conditions, caused by muscle atrophy. Lack of constant physical training and lack of movement can cause more and more serious illnesses!

Is it difficult or – let’s face it – is it a little “lazy” to go to the gym or to practice a sport constantly? You don’t have time for yourself and worries often overwhelm you? Do you feel like you have been “rounded up” or that your skin is no longer firm?

Better to prevent than to treat!

Pamper yourself constantly with a relaxing massage and you’ll only have to win! You will be able to maintain your health, your tone and you will get rid of the unwanted effects of stress!

The relaxation massage is performed either on most parts of the body (back, legs, arms), or only in certain areas (back, arms), depending on its duration. For best results, the option with a longer duration (60 minutes) is recommended.

Relaxation massage is also recommended as a complement to adjacent therapies, to enhance their effect – packs, scrubs, body therapies, etc.

Relaxation massage has no contraindications. However, you must notify the salon staff early in case of: heart disease, epilepsy, cancer, skin disease, respiratory disease, allergies, pregnancy, heavy menstrual period.

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