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full body to body massage in kailash colony delhi

Full Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi

At Wellness SPA, at the cozy oriental full body massage in kailash colony delhi house, everyone who wants to break away from reality for a short time is welcome, to feel the spirit of the Oriental world and to enjoy a cup of sparkling tea and without disturbing calmness. Thai craftsmen work here for various body massages, body treatments, spa treatments, and Thai rituals according to oriental traditions.

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aromatherapy herbal bath;
Exotic Balinese body mask;
relaxing oil massage with herbal bundles.

Therapeutic body massage

It is a technical massage, specific to relieve muscle tensions and inflammations of muscles. It will relieve the injured area, and aid its recovery.

The Therapeutic Massage has as main proposal to treat localized pains, to help in the rehabilitation of any type of joint, muscular or tendinous (tendon) injury. It is therefore a recovery massage with therapeutic objectives that will help in a better and faster recovery.

The use of therapeutic massages is recommended in cases of muscle or ligament pain, pain related to incorrect positions and in certain cases of postoperative recovery.

For each situation, several treatment lines can be used, such as Swedish massage therapy, joint mobilization along with passive stretching. It will have the purpose of recovering the lesion, restoring flexibility and elasticity of muscle or fascia. It is restored thus, an improvement of the movements as well as a decrease of the pain.

Main Indications:

Back pain;
Sciatica and low back pain (sciatica and low back pain);
Cervical pain (neck);
Joint pains in the shoulders, tendinopathies, tendonitis;
Muscle contractures and spasms

Hot stone massage – This is a completely natural therapy in which warm stones are positioned in different parts of the body to maximize the benefits of massage. Before being used in the massage these stones are warmed in warm sanitary water. Hot stone massage is very effective both physically and psychologically. Benefits: muscle relaxation, pain relief, improved blood circulation.

Swedish massage – This is extremely useful for increasing blood oxygen levels, reducing toxins in the muscles, improving blood circulation, and flexibility by relieving tension. Another benefit of this massage is the reduction in the amount of cortisol; otherwise known as the stress hormone, liberated in the body.

Sports Massage – This massage functions in graft tissues and deep muscle structures. Massage is accompanied by heavy and difficult strokes, with finger density. Sports massage is designed to increase flexibility and prevent accidents. Designed for types of accidents that occurred during the event.

Balinese Massage – It eliminates the tensions and overloads of the back. Relax the muscles of the arms, from the shoulders to the tips of the fingers. It favors the drainage and blood circulation of the feet and legs. It clears our energy flows and improves blood circulation. Strengthens the immune system. It improves the mobility of the body in general.

Deep Tissue Massage – The tempo of manipulations in this massage is low, but the severity of movements is severe. This method, which is used effectively in the body as toxins in the body, prevents the sags on the skin and enables to recover in a short time and tighten the muscles. It is a great help to lose weight as well as to keep the body alive and alive.

Chocolate Massage – Starting with peeling applied to the body, the dead layer in the skin is removed and the pores are opened. When the pores are open, hot chocolate is applied to the entire body. Chocolate, which is absorbed by the skin and provides tension, also helps to tan the skin. In addition to its antiperspirant properties for three days, it also helps the intense work of the hormone of happiness, thanks to the endorphin substance contained in it with the tendency to cocoa remaining. This therapy, which is technically applied with vascular massage, is very useful for those with varicose vein stiffness, capillary cracks.

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