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body to body massage in kalkaji delhi

Body to Body Massage in Kalkaji Delhi

Body to Body Massage in Kalkaji Delhi

Wellness Spa is a unique full body to body massage centre in Kalkaji, Delhi thanks to the relaxation, pampering and good mood we offer to all our customers! At Wellness Spa we do not do things in a hurry, but we pay special attention to every future friend of ours who crosses our threshold.

Massage Service in Kalkaji

Swedish massage
Swedish massage is the most common type of massage and is a great start if it is your first massage or if you are afraid that the massage may be painful. During Swedish massage, massage therapists use massage oils to facilitate smooth, sliding movements on your body. It is applied for the purpose of complete relaxation and toning of the body. It stimulates the immune system and relieves the body of fatigue, optimizes circulation and reduces muscle tension.

Relaxing massage
The relaxing massage has a calming effect, eliminates the accumulated tension and helps the body’s regenerative powers. The gentle and smooth movements characteristic of a relaxing massage are a real delight for the senses.

Deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the therapist will work deeper into the muscles and fascia (connective tissue). This is also a more focused type of massage as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or nodes called adhesions.

Therapeutic massage
It is applied for the purpose of prevention and release of the accumulated voltage. It is a combination of mechanical effects on the skin and underlying tissues. It is carried out through special methods and is used in various traumatic and internal diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints and many others. Suction cups can also be used if necessary.

Full body massage
Most massages are full-body massages, which means that the therapist will massage your back, legs, arms and neck. Duration is 60 minutes, which equals 3 to 5 hours of sleep. In addition, whole body massage increases the level of endorphins (hormones of happiness)

Aromatherapy massage
Aromatherapy massage is usually a Swedish or deep tissue massage, where massage oil is mixed with essential oils such as lavender, mint or geranium to help ease your mood and relieve pain. Aromatherapy massage is best when the therapist uses high quality, therapeutic essential oils.

Hot stone massage
Hot stone massage is a very popular massage that uses smooth, round stones that have been heated in water. The therapist uses the stones as an extension of his or her hand and can place them on the abdomen, arms or back as well. When doing a hot stone massage is great because the heat helps to warm the muscles and is very relaxing. But hot stone massage requires a lot of skill, so the quality can vary widely.

Sports massage
Sports Massage is designed for athletes who need to maintain their bodies in good condition and quickly deal with stress or injuries. Sports massage is good for anyone who has chronic pain, injuries or range of motion problems. The therapist usually concentrates on a specific problem area that may be related to sports (such as football, tennis or other sports).

Couples massage
Double massage is when two people are massaged in the same room at the same time by two different therapists. She can be husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, or even mothers and daughters sometimes or best friends. You can talk or stay relaxed during couples massage – it is up to you.

At the same time deep therapy and a special feminine ritual for each lady. It is a delicate and relaxing massage that predisposes the ladies to restore and strengthen the sacred connection with themselves and their femininity. This traditional therapy comes from India, where it is practiced to prevent and treat any ailments associated with the female reproductive system, but its benefits extend well beyond physical conditions.

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