Back Massage

Back massage refers to wellness and relaxation treatments. Thanks to

back massage

back massage

him, you can easily get the pain in the strained muscles and control the work of most organs and systems. Back – is a great part of the body’s face, and by this is the easiest way to associate with human bodies through massage.

sign back to the massage

satisfaction is beneficial to all peoples, but other categories of special needs. The main signs for a return massage are:

Scoliosis. If the curvature of the blood has a persistent hypertonus muscle, due to the presence of pain and osteochondrosis. This disease leads to the loss of plaque plaque and the cause of limited action and pain in the back. By massage is not a good low back pain, but you can help to relieve pain and muscles, exercise the human condition;

Further nervous irritability. massage zones return to full calm, and sometimes more effective than various calm;

Lightning Tired Syndrome. Constant mental disorder and avoidance of physical activity is a weakening of the tone of the whole organism, and quality massage solves this problem;

Reduce the resistance. Wellness body massage centres in delhi – a good way of restoring the body of defense;

Cellulite. The cause of this illness is a blood circulation in the skin of the circulatory system, in particular. Special anti-cellulite massage improves its current tissue and, as a result, decreases, diffuse cellulite appearance;
Muscular hypotonia. In this situation, the situation is severely impaired, the consequences, and they become weak and weakened. Compelling back muscles help with persistent tone and can be a great addition to skin treatments;

Behind the pain. In most cases, this is the reason for force people to look for a qualified person. Back pain occurs when the muscular tension, for example, fatigue, or in the case of crushing the line.

Types of back massage

Depending on the purpose to achieve, there are several types of back massage:

relaxing – used as a restraint of certain diseases, relieves muscle tension, has a bracing effect, provides an energy source. This is a classic massage, which is used frequently. Depending on the method provides not only comforting but effective effects;

Medical – is used to treat and eliminate the symptoms of various diseases. As a rule, these are the diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but not just. Massage Therapy is shown for heart disease in eliminating edema, as well as for better phlegm compliance from lungs or bronchial tubes. Sometimes this type of back massage is used for rehabilitation of patients with gastric ulcer or gastritis;

go out – taken out to enhance the internal organs of the body. Massage zones and back points are located in these areas for the stimulation of the thoracic and the abdominal organs, the brain and throat, as well as the vascular and depressed nervous system;

Sports – can be an advance, reduce or train. Before the competition, athletes are guided to a higher level, performing a preliminary massage massage, protecting them from injury and fatigue, and after the recovery of the competition used for physical comfort And mental stress;

Treatment – useful for muscular hypotonia and muscle weakness. Massages also need to be strengthened back after a damage you can at home, at work or at the gym.

pushing zones behind

Generally, back massage is made of special reflexogenic zones. They are stretched in the lining of the two sides of the blood in the middle of the spinous process of the vertebrae. There are places in the following groups:

  • Neck;
  • The ribs;
  • lumbosacral.

Back massage of zones in the neck of soldiers made with trigeminal neuralgia, headache, lowering of the fingers, vertigo, tinnitus, hypertension, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, “lumbago” and pain in the arms, And the back of the neck.

Respiratory diseases, liver and gallbladder, neurasthenia, intercostal neuralgia,

Back massage in the lumbosacral zones that are used in the fatigue and weakness of the lower back pain in the lumbar region, due to osteochondrosis and radiculitis, as Both in the kidneys and in the bladder.

General recommendations for back massage

At the beginning of the procedure carried on the light stroking blot area, and then your fingers of the apex zones perpendicularly, from the dorsal midline. Exercise thoroughly in the following ways: diseased illnesses in acne healing, and in case of severe pain – soothing.

When relaxing back massage pressure forces increase slowly, point the finger “screwed” to the skin scraping attachments. Effect of single zone without offsetting takes 2-4 minutes and returns 3-4 times.

When the exciting returns of each meal are accompanied by a mild pain stimulation – pinch. This exposure is 30 to 40 seconds per zone, and is reduced to 3-4 times.

The area is better at the start of the breath with the breath, and it stops when the person who is breathing and holds bends a little ahead, as it promotes equanimity.

Acupressure in acupressure is optimally coupled with a general weight recovery technique. If the procedure is made after the complicated morning exercises, then you will accomplish it by rubbing the back of a horrid but enduring soul.

When the therapeutic massage in delhi at each point strikes for 30-40 seconds, and generally lasts one session in 7-10 minutes.

Back massage: contraindications

If some pain treatments are prohibited. Here are the main contraindications behind recovery:

Acute infectious diseases;
The worst case;
Bladder or trauma;
bleeding disorders;
Skin diseases;
thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
The inflammation of the water is irritated;
purulent diseases of any localization;
Benign and malignant ulcer.

Mental illness, with an over-excitation or rejection of the central nervous system, is also a contraindication in the back massage in delhi.

In the absence of these diseases there is no reason to leave a health care. Additionally, it is advisable to make a massage 4-5 times a year in 5-10 sessions of Branch Tomato. It allows you to improve your health and avoid many future illnesses.

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