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body to body massage in kalkaji delhi

Body to Body Massage in Kalkaji Delhi

Body to Body Massage in Kalkaji Delhi

Wellness Spa is a unique full body to body massage centre in Kalkaji, Delhi thanks to the relaxation, pampering and good mood we offer to all our customers! At Wellness Spa we do not do things in a hurry, but we pay special attention to every future friend of ours who crosses our threshold.

Massage Service in Kalkaji

Swedish massage
Swedish massage is the most common type of massage and is a great start if it is your first massage or if you are afraid that the massage may be painful. During Swedish massage, massage therapists use massage oils to facilitate smooth, sliding movements on your body. It is applied for the purpose of complete relaxation and toning of the body. It stimulates the immune system and relieves the body of fatigue, optimizes circulation and reduces muscle tension.

Relaxing massage
The relaxing massage has a calming effect, eliminates the accumulated tension and helps the body’s regenerative powers. The gentle and smooth movements characteristic of a relaxing massage are a real delight for the senses.

Deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the therapist will work deeper into the muscles and fascia (connective tissue). This is also a more focused type of massage as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or nodes called adhesions.

Therapeutic massage
It is applied for the purpose of prevention and release of the accumulated voltage. It is a combination of mechanical effects on the skin and underlying tissues. It is carried out through special methods and is used in various traumatic and internal diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints and many others. Suction cups can also be used if necessary.

Full body massage
Most massages are full-body massages, which means that the therapist will massage your back, legs, arms and neck. Duration is 60 minutes, which equals 3 to 5 hours of sleep. In addition, whole body massage increases the level of endorphins (hormones of happiness)

Aromatherapy massage
Aromatherapy massage is usually a Swedish or deep tissue massage, where massage oil is mixed with essential oils such as lavender, mint or geranium to help ease your mood and relieve pain. Aromatherapy massage is best when the therapist uses high quality, therapeutic essential oils.

Hot stone massage
Hot stone massage is a very popular massage that uses smooth, round stones that have been heated in water. The therapist uses the stones as an extension of his or her hand and can place them on the abdomen, arms or back as well. When doing a hot stone massage is great because the heat helps to warm the muscles and is very relaxing. But hot stone massage requires a lot of skill, so the quality can vary widely.

Sports massage
Sports Massage is designed for athletes who need to maintain their bodies in good condition and quickly deal with stress or injuries. Sports massage is good for anyone who has chronic pain, injuries or range of motion problems. The therapist usually concentrates on a specific problem area that may be related to sports (such as football, tennis or other sports).

Couples massage
Double massage is when two people are massaged in the same room at the same time by two different therapists. She can be husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, or even mothers and daughters sometimes or best friends. You can talk or stay relaxed during couples massage – it is up to you.

At the same time deep therapy and a special feminine ritual for each lady. It is a delicate and relaxing massage that predisposes the ladies to restore and strengthen the sacred connection with themselves and their femininity. This traditional therapy comes from India, where it is practiced to prevent and treat any ailments associated with the female reproductive system, but its benefits extend well beyond physical conditions.

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Massage heals the soul and the body

People are divided into those who have never gone to a professional massage and those who have gone. If we have not done so, we will never know how wonderful it is and why others are so enthusiastic about it.

But even if you can afford to go regularly to a good masseur, this information would also be useful to you. Because how to do a good massage is a skill to help our family and friends and is a prerequisite for deepening the flirtation and prelude to an exciting night. Massage is both a pleasant experience and serious therapy when it is made by a specialist – therapist. Recommended for:

-Any diseases of the locomotor system as long as there are no contraindications.
-For babies – especially useful for general body development and communication with the baby.
-For colds, perceptions, professional pains
-For a general beneficial effect on the body.

To make a nice massage to someone:

-We need to know which part of the body we will massage and provide comfort for the whole body, not just for it. It is important to be at rest, only the lying posture does not provide it.
-Provide comfort. If a person is lying on his back, put a support under his knees and ankles and neck so that the body is level and all the muscles are at rest. If a person is lying on his stomach – the support is in the area of ??the head and knees. It is good for a person to be fully relaxed, to be warm because it is best to massage naked skin – so the massage affects the skin receptors apart from the muscles.
-Knowledge about the human body. You do not need to become a therapist, but basic situations can be learned. Which muscle starts and ends and in what direction is its fiber. So the massage will be more precise.
-Never massaged on joints and bones. This is particularly true for the spine. On both sides – yes, near the tail – yes, but not on the vertebrae itself and on the coccyx itself.
-Never massage on a lymph node – this tissue is soft, no muscle, but it is very specific and if your fingers reach such a place – neck, groin, armpits – go over with a slight squeeze.
-Never massage the painful place itself with aggressive movements such as squeezing and crushing. It is necessary to know where this muscle starts and then in the direction of the fibers through the site, with weak pressure, towards the end of the muscle. Thus, we stimulate the body only to overcome the trauma and not reinforce it further. Make sure that the person you massage will have a healthy bone system, no problems in soft tissues like fresh wounds or other acute illnesses. If it is a cold – As a rule, do not massage a person with fever.

Here we come to the purpose of the massage:

To overcome certain problems – perceptions, colds, fatigue of a part of the body – the hands, the waist, the thighs. Then massage is directed to these areas, not on them, but around them.

To tone up – the massage is aimed at activating the body. It is very popular after the sauna, for example, after the toxins and the fatigue from the the sweat, the person to tonify and refresh. It is characterized by short, energetic patting or shaking movements throughout the body. Without flattening and long crunching.

To relax – after exhaustion, as a prelude to an exciting night. This type of massage lasts longer because it has a longer preparatory part. Namely – warming and relaxing the body with long, smoothing, vibrational, circular movements along the entire muscles. Once the body relaxes, it follows a deep throbbing with slow movements.

Healing massage – here are many options – from shiatsu massage, through acupressure, to specialized sports massage, Thai massage, anti-cellulite and the whole range of spa salons. Diversity is enormous. Very popular is the massage of the feet and palms as part of the acupressure.

For all massage techniques, there are several rules:

Massages in both directions – in and out of the circulation, but the upward movement is more intense and downward – weaker. It is very important for the spread of stagnant blood lymph and for a general improvement of the blood circulation, which will optimize not only the massage itself but also the whole function of the circulatory system.

Short movements are energetic and strong, long movements are lighter and slower along the muscle fibers. Smashing – the deepest deep massage is not in one place but moves in a zone.

Whole-body massage starts from the limbs to the back and chest, first lying down from legs to seat, then arms to shoulders, followed by chest, back and neck, head. Particular attention is paid to the feet and fingers of the hands as parts of the body in a constant load. If a person has a profession that is exercising on a chair – office, driver, etc. it is important to massage the seat if it works with your hands – your shoulders and fingers, etc. – the idea is the massage really help on the merits.

Smoothing – a different pressure-relieving movement along the muscles, opposite to the bloodstream. It may be a palm-open palm, with a horseshoe-folded palm and a fist, the latter should be practiced by a specialist. The aim of the smoothing is to calm the muscles and, depending on the pressure, to move the lymph flow.

Rubbing is a grip on muscle mass where motion is made in the direction of the finger, and the fingers act wavy on the skin. This is an approach to depth impact and alternates with smoothing. Because of this grip and clenching, the muscles are bruised, the nerve endings are stimulated.

Tapping – cramped movements on the larger muscles – calves, buttocks, big dorsal muscles and thighs. It is done in small areas, with movement throughout the muscles. The goal is to stimulate nerve endings. Here we notice chopping with palms, pinching with the tip of the fingers.

Vibration – with fingertips or palms, vibrational vibrations are produced on the skin’s surface depending on the area and pressure. Stimulation is very pleasing to the body and has a relaxing effect, especially after a long stroke.

Contra-indications for massage:

No matter how strange it sounds, there are some. The impact of the massage can be much deeper than we suppose. It stimulates metabolism, blood and lymph flow, hormonal production and traffic, the nervous system.

Fever and any feverish condition
Pregnancy – the massage is from a specialist with names of pregnant women and is not prolonged.
In diseases of metabolism – diabetes, gout, etc.
Tuberculosis, cardiovascular diseases, nervous disorders
Caution should be increased in wounds, inflammation, skin diseases, ulcers, fractures

In your role as a masseur, it is also good to be healthy, to take a comfortable posture for massage and not to overload your wrists and arms so you do not change the role with the person in front of you. Let the massage be the pleasure that is actually. Pleasure and healing of soul and body.

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Why People Get a Massage?

It is generally known that a massage is a wonderful way to completely relax. Leave things as they are. But its influence extends much further. Various scientific studies confirm that massaging is also very beneficial. Both mentally and physically.

Feeling happier

During a massage training you learn that when you massage all kinds of lucky substances are released into the body. Touching ensures the production of serotonins and endorphins. They not only inhibit the production of the stress hormone cortisol, but also contribute to a carefree, happier and happier state of mind.

Better circulation

A massage study gives you the tools to improve blood circulation and boost your metabolism. Consequence? Waste disposal is increasing and that also applies to the supply of new nutrients and oxygen. This benefits the skin, muscles, organs and the like. The body gets more energy and that promotes vitality.


Another hormone that the body produces during massages is the oxytocin cuddle hormone. That gives people a safe, familiar and secure feeling. Not only does that promote relaxation, it also ensures peace. In the body and head. That’s only good, because it lowers blood pressure and that’s good for your health.

Boost the immune system

According to research, the body produces more white blood cells during a massage. And they promote resistance, because they fight diseases.

Restore balance

Physical and mental tensions have an impact on the body. This can cause headaches, upset stomach and mood disorders. After completing a massage training you will be able to recognize this. By massaging you then stimulate the blocked energy flows. This releases tensions and allows energy to flow freely again. In this way you contribute to restoring the balance between body and mind.

Sleep well

Quite a few people count fifty sheep every night because of sleeping problems. A massage can then offer a solution. Certainly when it comes to stress related problems.

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full body to boby massage spa centre & parlour in delhi

The 9 Best Known Types of Body Massage

Body massage is a technique applied with gentle movements using only the hands on the body muscles.

In this procedure are used vegetable oils that help in the execution of movements, maintaining a specific rhythm to stimulate the production of hormones that will bring relaxation.

In body massage for relaxation a hormone called oxytocin is released that fights muscle tension, aids in bowel flow, and also stabilizes blood pressure.

Body massage in addition to causing relaxation, decreases muscle pain and cramps, because it increases blood circulation. As it stimulates lymphatic drainage, body massage assists in the elimination of toxins, removal of toxic residues that remain in muscle fibers, increases muscle tone, and even moisturizes the skin.

The Benefits of Body Massage:

Fight stress and anxiety
Fight depression
Moisturizes the skin and prevents premature aging
Reduces tension and muscle aches
Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
Eliminates toxins and metabolic waste
Improves the immune system.

Follow me now with the 9 best known types of body massage in delhi.

Swedish massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Thai massage
Ayurvedic Massage
Sports Massage
Abhyanga Massage

Swedish massage

Among all types of massage, Swedish is perhaps the most practiced around the world. When we imagine a typical massage, it will probably be Swedish.

Swedish massage being applied to the back

This body massage consists of long, deep movements in the superficial layers of the muscles. Since these movements can follow straight lines, or make circles. In execution usually oil or lotion is used.

It is a relaxing massage that does not cause so much pain. Check out some benefits of Swedish massage;

tense and aching muscles relax and become more elastic
connective tissue becomes more flexible and acts to prevent muscle scarring after injury
increases blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles
relieves cramps
increases lymphatic circulation and improves the immune system
Helps nullify toxins, especially lactic acid
relieves bumps
improves breathing
normalizes blood pressure
improves muscle functioning and recovery
has a relaxing effect on the nervous system
reduces stress
improves the digestive system
provides a relaxed sleep
quickly recovers repetitive strain injuries such as tendonitis
help people with fibromyalgia
increases body awareness

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is not as common as the previous one. In addition to the use of massage still adds techniques and areas of knowledge.

Aromatherapy massage, as its name implies, uses one or more essential oils to meet specific needs.

The massage therapist will select relaxing, stimulating, stress reducing oils, or whatever your need may be. The most common of the oils of this modality is lavender.

It is recommended for those who have stress problems or stressful emotional conditions. See some other benefits;

Relieves stress
Provides weight loss
Reduces symptoms of premenstrual tension and menopause
Fight insomnia
Regain self esteem
Promotes relaxation
Restore energy levels
Reduces headaches / migraines
Reduces high stress / anxiety levels
Treats backache
Treats muscle aches
Treats digestive disorders
Stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation
Relieves tension points

Hot Stone Massage

This body massage uses heated stones to be placed on certain points of the body to warm and relax the stiff muscles and balance the energy centers of the body.

She can also apply some pressure on the stones with her hands. It is a relaxing body massage. Therefore, it is indicated for those who have muscle tension but do not want to receive painful massages.

Great benefits of this type of massage;

Increases local blood circulation due to heat from stones
Promotes Deep Relaxation
Reaches the deepest muscle fibers
Increases lymphatic drainage
Relieves muscle aches
Reduces stress and tensions
Increases the feeling of well-being
Indicated in circulatory treatments and bruising elimination
Effective in treating ulcers
Helps in menstrual cramps processes
Promotes Detoxification & Weight Loss
Reduces physical and emotional stress.
Activates vital energy by decreasing tiredness
Relieves muscle or joint pain
Promotes relaxation
Helps decrease depressive states
Helps in cases of insomnia
Fight stress-related problems
Induces the patient to a deep state of relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage seeks to reach the deepest layers of the musculature. In the application the masseuse uses slower movements and friction techniques directly on the muscle.

It is a body massage that aims to treat chronic muscle pain, such as joint problems and recovery from injuries. It is usually a little more painful, generating sensitivity for one or two days after application.

Main benefits:

Treats chronic back pain
Helps lower high blood pressure
Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Muscle Tension
Help reduce inflammation and muscle spasms
Stimulates blood flow
Helps reduce automatic nervous system stress response
Loosens muscles to allow more oxygen
Improves Recovery and Athletic Performance
Helps improve lactate clearance
Delays onset of muscle pain and muscle fatigue
Prevent and treat injuries
Reduces Arthritis Symptoms
Relieves joint pain
Relieves chronic pain
Relieves stiffness
Reduces anxiety
Assists in range of motion
Sleep Trouble
Reduces Heart Rate
Reduces Blood Pressure

Shiatsu Massage

This is a form of Japanese body treatment, characterized by using localized and rhythmic finger pressure at the points used by acupuncture. Each acupuncture point is held for about two to eight seconds to improve the flow of energy, helping the body regain its balance.

It is a technique that is said to work right after the first session. It is relaxing, although it uses firm techniques. After the massage the place is not sore, which is a great advantage over other functional types of massage.

Benefits for those who receive this massage:

Relax body and mind
Restore and also balance our energy
Improve in our breathing
Improve our physical posture
Improve our circulatory system
Increased welfare
Psychological improvements
Relieve muscle tension
Improve posture
Increase circulation
Rebalance energy flow
Facilitate toxin removal
provides a feeling of relaxation and well-being
Increases mood and vitality
Balances nervous system activity
Reduces muscle tension
Stabilizes anxiety disorders
Helps regulate sleep disorders
Lowers blood pressure
Increases endorphin level
Relax mind and body
Restores and balances energy
Improves breathing
Improves posture
Improves circulation
Increases well-being
Clears the mind

Thai massage

Like shiatsu, Thai body massage seeks to align body energies using pressures at specific body sites. In its application is used compressions and “pinches” in the body.

Another news is that the massaged is not just lying in place, the masseur will make him go through a sequence of specific postures. It is therefore a kind of energizing massage, quite different from other types. It aims to reduce stress and improve flexibility and movement ability.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Helps detoxify body & boosts immune system
Increases blood circulation and decreases blood pressure.
Great for muscle relaxation
Increases muscle flexibility and mobility
Improves breathing
Improves posture, balance
Corrects body alignment
Dissolve energy blockages
Improves athletic performance
Helps in arthritis and backache
Tones the body, strengthens the joints
Combat disease as well as chronic joint problems
Prevents illness and relieves degenerative diseases
Slows down the aging process
Put the mind and body in tune
Improves your attitude towards life: builds an emotional balance
Helps concentration and creativity; Concentration mind and body
Cleans and soothes the mind
Helps you gain mental clarity
Reduces and relieves stress and anxiety.
Helps people boost inherent energy levels
Develops discipline and self-control
Improve health and increase vitality
Increases energy levels and stamina
Build internal power and create natural confidence

Ayurvedic Massage

This body massage stimulates muscles and circulation, releasing toxins trapped in them and tissues.

In it the therapist uses the hands, elbows and feet to do the touch in order to do the postural realignment, to provide relief from even chronic tensions, strengthening the immune system and reducing stress and depression.

Proven Benefits:

It acts deeply and comprehensively in the blood, lymphatic and energetic circulation.
Promotes increased peripheral circulation in capillaries
Lowers blood pressure and increases tissue oxygenation
Nourishes the seven dhatus – tissues – rebalances the doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha
Strengthens the immune system
Helps build strength and flexibility
Improve the body’s blood and energy circulation
Increases immunity and dissolves nodules and areas of tension
Detoxifies the body as it functions as a lymphatic drainage
Eliminates toxins
Centralizes and energizes the physical body’s chakras, energy vortices
Helps increase self-esteem and self-confidence
Helps release blocked emotions
Helps to reduce depression and panic syndrome
Provides deep relaxation and develops positive thoughts.
Makes you aware of body and mind as a whole
Substantially increases the sense of well-being

Sports Massage

This is suitable for people who practice some kind of sport. Her focus is on the most requested muscle groups in performing the physical activity in question, so that future muscle problems do not arise.

Its benefits include muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation and cell oxygenation. As a consequence the athlete is able to regain his muscle groups faster.

Benefits of sports massage:

Prepare the muscles for exercise
Increases blood circulation
Eliminates Muscle Toxins
Prevents muscle and tendon injuries
Tones muscle tissue
Stimulates adrenaline production
Relieves post workout pain
Improves oxygen and nutrient transport to muscles
Helps loosen tight muscles
Improves joint mobility
Reduces muscle spasms
Reduces edema and inflammatory processes
Brings greater body awareness
Has a relaxing or stimulating effect on the central nervous system.
Decreases recovery time between workouts
Helps to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste
Helps prevent injuries
Reduces anxiety
Fight depression
Promotes a sense of well-being
Fight stress
Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
Reduces muscle tension and pain
Eliminates toxins and metabolic waste
Increases sense of well-being and concentration.
Improves sleep pattern
Identifies areas of tension or inflammation to be treated before an injury occurs.
Provides cenesthetic feedback
Helps create a positive mental state
Increases ease of movement


Abhyanga Massage

This massage uses large amounts of oil to nourish tissues and eliminate toxins. It is made with warm oil chosen according to the patient’s Dosha, which is the characterization of its biological profile.

In its application movements and slight stretching are performed aiming at the elimination of toxins.

In addition to providing detoxification of the body, massage improves tissue oxygenation and acts to prevent disease, improving health. If done regularly, it still relaxes the muscles, nerves and joints. Because it acts directly on the lymphatic, blood and nervous systems, it also stimulates the digestive system.

Check out the Benefits of this type of massage:

Promotes nerve function and balances the nervous system
Increases blood and lymph circulation
Assists in the excretion of bags (excretions)
Benefits skin and hair (aesthetic effects)
Helps in gastrointestinal function
Relieves muscle tension and pain
Promotes dissolution of stress, emotional tension, anxiety and generates restful sleep.
Reduces edema and swelling
Indicated in disorders of Vata Dosha
Has good results in musculoskeletal disorders (rheumatisms)
Benefits in treating headaches
Releases Tissue Doshas to TGI (digestive tract) for elimination
Promotes libido, ie is indicated in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions
Indicated in drug addiction (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine etc)
More shine, firmness and toning of the skin and musculature
Direct lubrication and consequently smoothing of skin, fascia and joints
Increased tissue suppleness and muscle nutrition
Internalization of attention and deep relaxation
Gradual incorporation of oil into the body, making it more flexible and resilient
CNS soothing and sedating prolonged action
Warming up, improved circulatory capacity
Decreased inflammatory processes
Potentiation of digestion and burning of toxins
Promotion of deep relaxation and well-being
Absorption of medicated skin oil
Toxin mobilization (ama)
Activation of reflexology points stimulating the marmas
Unblocking physical channels (srotas) and subtle channels (nadis)

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Massage relieves pain, eliminates fatigue and strengthens immunity

The touch of warm hands, the stroking technique and the click of certain points magically affect our entire body. All the benefits of massage are proven by medical science. Different massages have their little secret, so their effects are different. However, all massages have the magic power of restoring power, helping to maintain health and invigorating – the small holidays when you need them most.

What should you know about massage?

Although the positive effect of massage is felt already after the first session, but for those who want an obvious and lasting effect, it is recommended to take 5-10 massage courses.

If you want to stay in good shape after the massage course, do a preventive massage once a month

Each massage method has different effects, so you can combine several different types of massage in consultation with a specialist

Traditional massages

Classic massage

Relieves tension and stress, relaxes muscles, suppresses head and back pain, strengthens immunity, suitable for the prevention of various diseases. Massage mainly affects the muscular system – relaxes muscles from tension, restores skin elasticity, restores the body’s energy balance.

Healing massage

Already in ancient times people have convinced that massage is a great remedy. Therapeutic massages are performed for spine, joints, muscles, internal diseases, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, pain reduction, neurological and orthopedic patients with spinal hernia, as well as prophylaxis of various diseases.

Relaxing massage

It creates a special environment, so an hour’s calm session allows you to experience true bliss for both body and soul. During the massage, aromatherapy oils of different purposes are used, which perform several functions – some of them soothe, relax and others provide energy.

Segmental massage

Massage is recommended for both sedentary and physical work, with tension in the neck and shoulders, and in various parts of the spine.

Aromatic massage

Performed using special shea butter and energy-providing, toning, aromatic oil concentrates. It’s just a refreshment after an intense day at work or the stress of life changes.

Honey massage

The healing properties of honey have long been known. Massage is performed by several techniques – fluttering, active stroking and special stretching movements.

Swedish massage

Deep, all-muscle stimulating massage, tailored to each client’s needs, has a relaxing and healing effect.

Holistic Swedish massage

Deep, well-muscled muscles, pleasing to the client massage, which has both healing and relaxing effects. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to increase oxygen delivery to the bloodstream and release toxins from the muscles. Massage is done on the whole body, gives a deep feeling of relaxation, stimulates blood circulation, improves joint flexibility, relieves muscle tension. Massage is recommended for physically active, healthy people. Especially suitable for athletes, joggers.

New! Reflexology foot massage

This is a great therapy to relieve fatigue and leg tension! During this massage, active points in the feet are stimulated and massaged. In this way the activity of the whole body is strengthened and not only the feet but also the whole body is relaxed. Massage is done by hand.

Hot stone massage

The massage uses polished volcanic stones from Hawaii to help relax muscles, improve blood circulation and metabolism. These stones are also extraordinary because they retain heat for a very long time, which makes massage a great way out on a cool, cozy day.

Four-hand massage Only at Wellness Spa in Kailash Colony

Four hands simultaneously massage the whole body in synchronous movements, thereby harmonizing the body system and eliminating fatigue. The main purpose of this massage is to completely relax.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese method of treatment and diagnostics using your fingers, hands, elbows, knees and even your feet and various stretching techniques, breathing and exercise. Shiatsu is used to stimulate not only specific bioenergetic points, but also vital energy flow channels (meridians).

Shaping massages

Lymphatic drainage massage

Full body massage, which removes excess toxins and fluids from tissues, reduces body volume, activates cell renewal processes.

The lymphatic system delivers nutrients to the cells and removes excess water, bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

This massage involves deep movements that tighten and tone the cellulite-damaged skin. After the anti-cellulite massage course you will notice changes – the skin will become smoother, firmer and more beautiful.

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massage therapy

Massage – History, Benefits and Tips

The historical backdrop of back rub is old, around 300 BC. It is characterized as a lot of acts performed with the hands or with the assistance of mechanical assembly on the body!

The greater part of the populace experiences some type of muscle agony, strain and inconvenience. This inconvenience is regularly brought about by the day by day exercises performed and the worry of regular day to day existence.

What’s your opinion of a loosening up back rub following a bustling day, with gatherings, input, meeting objectives, announcing and everything? Try not to give your work a chance to destroy your wellbeing! You can facilitate this sort of distress by playing out a loosening up back rub! Have you at any point pondered it?

There are a few centers and experts working around there of ​​activity. Alert! Get data and request referral or referral of experts. Definitely you will discover extraordinary expert sitting tight for you! Tell us about the history and advantages of loosening up back rub!

Back rub History

The historical backdrop of back rub is extremely old, around 300 BC It is accounted for that more established people groups, for example, the Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, and Romans effectively utilized the act of back rub for help with discomfort.

Afterward, the Chinese and Japanese drove the most shifted strategies and techniques for performing rub.

How would we characterize knead?

Back rub is a lot of acts performed with the hands or with the guide of mechanical assembly on the body parts. We can in any case characterize that back rub is the rubbing performed with the hands or even with the assistance of mechanical assembly on the body parts utilizing different strategies and techniques made through investigations and research. Back rub can fill the accompanying needs: restorative, unwinding, wearing and stylish.


Treatment is utilized to help and help with treating diseases;

Sports is utilized for upkeep, adjustment and damage anticipation in expert competitors;

Relaxant is utilized for physical and mental unwinding;

Style is utilized for loosening up the muscles of the face and its beautification.

Material utilized for back rub – cream and oil

The cream is utilized to enable the hands to slip over the body and upgrade the back rub performed.

Oil is the most utilized by experts. The oil can be industrialized, hand crafted or restorative.

Fundamental oil is utilized to help and advance alleviation from agony and disease. They are not prescriptions, they contain properties of sweet-smelling and restorative therapeutic plants. Each plant has unmistakable properties for specific illnesses. Basic oils can’t be utilized legitimately on the skin as they can cause hypersensitivities and consumes. Along these lines they are artificially arranged and sold. It is basic to know the cause of the equivalent to get the ideal impact. It is prescribed to purchase in houses and concentrated stores and shown by experts.

Advantages of Relaxing Massage

Loosening up back rub gives muscle unwinding by alleviating the torment, strain and worry of regular day to day existence. Back rub helps the patient in the uneasiness where he is improving and discharging pressure giving a superior personal satisfaction.

Loosening up back rub has relieving, animating, detoxifying, empowering, diuretic impact, balances pulse and tissue oxygenation.

Working environment

The workplace ought to be comfortable, in that sense lean toward the little conditions;

Use mats or tangles, stay away from rugs because of oil recolor and different items;

Melodies or fragrances to client taste and inclination.

Incredible back rub!

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body massage

All the benefits of massage in your own home

Do you know those mini quizzes on various social networks, with questions-whether you can choose only one of the above-mentioned services to opt for lifetime use of your own top chef, the best home assistant or the ultimate masseuse that is always available just for you?

We are for option number three!

But then we remember home business, how grateful we are to accompany dishes, so we can imagine it again … But to the side of fantasy. Even if money is not a problem (which in this case is rarely the case), most women, especially mothers, find it hard to find those hours an hour and to ‘escape’ the massage. Mothers are often on a daily basis exposed to a great deal of stress, much of this stress stems from the inability to organize and ‘half’ all the daily duties on time. For this reason, home massage is an ideal solution that saves time and money while at the same time bringing about the much needed relaxation and ‘escape’ of everyday life.


Apart from those-relaxation and relaxation of stress, the massage has many, many benefits to the general mental and physical health of man. Nowadays, massage is often attributed to doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors for many reasons.

Massage can range from light pressure to deep and more intense, and there are many types of massage, and some of these are listed here:


Relatively gentle massage, which is used in the technique of long, gentle glaze and lashing movements. The main goal of this massage is relaxation and relaxation.


Deep tissue and meridional massage includes techniques that focus on deeper muscle levels. The goal of this therapy and massage is to eliminate chronic pain and tension within the body through light but deep movements and pressure. Techniques are applied crosswise along the muscles, tendons and fascias, or follow their course and trajectory of muscular meridians. When stressful muscles block oxygen and nutrients, cause inflammation and build up of toxins, and tissue and meridian massages relax muscles, eliminate toxins, and improve circulation and oxygen exchange.


A combination of different techniques is used to help prevent or speed up rehabilitation of sports injuries.


It is focused on the treatment of a ‘trigger’ point (trigger) that implies a sensitive area in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and joint. It is characterized by local and iradiozional pressure pain, depending on the type.


Certainly you are in any form and you have the chance to try some of the massage. However, regardless of the type of massage itself, they help in a number of ways:

Relaxation of the muscles

Massage provides external pressure on the muscles and helps to reduce tension. This is actually the most common reason why people practice massages.

It enhances flexibility and reduces injury

Pressure and stretching of the muscles help with general muscle flexibility. Athletes usually regularly practice massages to improve flexibility and thus reduce the likelihood of re-injury (as well as rehabilitation after injury).

It enhances immunity

Although less well-known, massage helps improve the immune system by stimulating the lymph flow in the body. This helps to strengthen the immune system.

She shortens her stay at the hospital

The research has shown that women who regularly practiced pre-maternal massage made it much easier and faster to achieve postpartum recovery levels to improve circulation and increased relaxation on the eve of birth.

Improves sleep quality

Numerous studies have shown that massage has significant positive effects on the quality of your sleep. This is associated with the influence of delta waves massage, which allows us a deep sleep.

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Relaxing Body to Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi

Relaxing Body to Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi

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The firm and smooth movements employed in the relaxing massage generate a sense of well-being and relief, as well as other benefits to the human body.

Relaxing massage generates numerous benefits for the body as a whole, both body and mind. These are specialized maneuvers used in the muscle, giving the individual relaxation and muscle relief. In addition to producing effects on the muscular and nervous systems, this massage acts effectively in the lymphatic, circulatory and respiratory systems.

In other words, relaxing massage therapy is a technique that assists in the treatment of muscle pain, writhing, dislocations, edemas, sexual and nervous disorders, fatigue, stress, among other therapeutic effects.

In addition to these innumerable advantages to people’s bodies and minds, massage therapy helps lower blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, fights insomnia, and slows aging.

According to Renata, dermato-functional physiotherapist, the firm and smooth movements used in the relaxing massage aim at relaxing the muscles, generating a sense of well-being and relief, as well as other benefits.

This is because it acts on the human body by increasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that acts on the brain by normalizing mood, sleep, heart rate, body temperature and sensitivity to pain.

Likewise, this type of massage is quite effective in athletes, since it allows an increase of up to 60% in muscle regeneration after intense physical activity.

Associated with other therapies such as aromatherapy, color therapy and music therapy, relaxing massage further enhances the range of possibilities for generating benefits to the body and mind.

In short, relaxing massage therapy:

→ Generates anxiety reduction;
→ Relieves stress;
→ Improves concentration;
→ Help in appetite;
→ Fighting insomnia;
→ Fight against depression;
→ Help blood circulation;
→ Stimulates the lymphatic system;
→ Decreases the voltage;
→ Relieves muscle pain;
→ Eliminates toxins from the body.

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Shiatsu massage in back pain

Everyone would like to pamper themselves with relaxing therapies at least once a week. Massaging as part of relaxation can help not only reduce anxiety, stress and fatigue, but also relieve a number of diseases. Massage that you can forget about cares and problems is shiatsu. It is an integral part of Japanese medicine and is similar to acupuncture. Shiatsu is influenced by Chinese techniques and has undergone evolution over the centuries.

Although Shiatsu is an Eastern ancient tradition, he practiced in the west, but much later in the 1960s. Typical of Shiatsu massage is that, like other eastern therapies, the masseur tries to restore the flow of the body’s vital energy using his fingers instead of needles, as in acupuncture. According to eastern medicine, the human body is covered with basic lines called meridians.

These lines have energy streams and there are lymph vessels and endocrine glands. When energy in the body is blocked, it causes dysfunction, fatigue and pain. When you visit a Shiatsu massage specialist, it will put your hand on your center of vital energy that is above your navel.

This type of massage starts from the feet and ends with the scalp. With his fingers, the masseur emphasizes the target areas. Massage can be lighter or stronger, it all depends on how the client feels. Focus on problem spots.

Shiatsu will not only relax you, but also help with the treatment of a number of health problems. If these massages are done regularly, they can improve energy in the body, boost immunity, help relieve pain, and avoid taking medication. Shiatsu helps in back pain, migraine, fatigue, digestive problems and more.

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The Healing Power of Massage

The healing power of massage – Massage is a form of therapy that has been used since antiquity, born of the natural desire to seek relief through touch. For example, after a blow to the head, the first reaction we have is to touch the sore spot with the hand.

In today’s world, especially in the West, we have a frantic pace of life. It is common fatigue, stress, muscle aches, etc. Usually we work with the accelerated mind: we do something and we are already thinking about what we will do next, or what we have done before. We have repressed or exalted emotions and we are not aware of our spiritual dimension.

Holistic massage is a type of massage that covers the treatment of the body from the point of view of holistic medicine. It takes its name from the Greek term “Holos”, which means: whole, whole, complete. The human being is an indivisible whole; composed of a physical body, a mind, an emotions and a soul or spirit. This massage takes into account this uniqueness of the human being and uses different techniques in order to balance this complete Being.

This type of conception of alternative medicine tries to treat the social, mental and physical sphere of the individual as a whole, trying to heal and prevent diseases with the aim of improving health and keeping in harmony the mind and spirit. For this, holistic massage is nourished by the benefits of several alternative therapies combined.

Through circular movements and stretching of the whole body, holistic massage improves circulation, immune system activity, eliminates toxins, corrects posture and relaxes muscles. At the mental level, holistic massage favors concentration and eliminates depressive states.

There are many types of massages. Some act by pressure, such as shiatsu, acupressure or Chinese massage. Others are concentrated in specific parts of the body, such as sports massage in muscle injuries, or lymphatic drainage.

However, classic therapeutic massage is the main basis of all other massages. This is intended to act on the locomotor system (muscles, tendons, synovial caps, periosteum, bones) the skin and connective tissues and is particularly effective in curing the symptoms of stress, insomnia, depressions and diseases of the circulatory system, muscular pains, joints and rheumatic diseases, among others.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a massage that uses different manual and natural techniques in order to eliminate these blockages that preclude a healthier and more balanced way of life. This massage gives us the possibility of knowing ourselves of “skin inside”, of realizing our blockages and how they are formed. Once we know them, we have the possibility of releasing them.

First, massage the entire physical body. In this phase chiromassage techniques, Thai massage, sports, etc. are used. Basically they are superficial and deep kneading, stretching of muscle groups, frictions that stimulate the arterial circulation, venous and lymphatic, rotations in the joints, throbbing in large muscle groups that need stimulation. It serves on one side to relax the person who receives it, and on the other, provides valuable information about areas that are more tense.

Once the oil and essences are chosen, we continue the treatment. Massage all areas of the body, although more emphasis will be placed on more tense areas.

Then different points of the body are stimulated or relaxed. These points are along the so-called acupuncture meridians (China) or Nadis (India), channels through which energy circulates and travel throughout the body. These channels also have their relationship to the emotional world. For example, the feeling of sadness is related to a lack of energy in the meridian of the lung.

Reflex points are also worked through techniques such as reflexology, massage tuina and / or ayurveda.

The release of these points not only benefits the musculoskeletal system, but also all other systems of the body: nervous, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, endocrine, urinary, circulatory, lymphatic system.

Finally, we work the body parts where energy is concentrated to a greater degree with techniques such as Reiki, polarity and craniosacral therapy. They are called chakras. There are seven main chakras located along the spine and head. Each energy center is related to parts of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

The hands simply lean on the body but it is the part of the massage that causes more relaxation. You do not work with physical strength, but you work in a meditative state, feeling the energy in your hands and trying to balance it. The person receiving the massage gets a state in which the mind relaxes, the thoughts diminish and the body “releases” the physical and emotional tension.

Holistic massage on the body

Massage at the physical level acts on:


Desquama the epidermis.
It facilitates the respiration of the skin.
It improves the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands.
Dilates the blood vessels of the skin to aid in feeding.
Accelerates the circulation of blood and lymph in the vessels of the skin accelerating the supply of food substances and elimination of metabolic products.


Facilitates the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscles.
Accelerates the elimination of metabolic products.
Increases the capacity for effort.
Prevents muscle atrophy.


Increases the elasticity and strength of the ligaments.
It improves your blood supply.
Accelerates recovery of joints.


It facilitates through stimulation a more efficient supply of food and oxygen to different organs.
Accelerates elimination of metabolites and absorption of inflammation.
It facilitates the return of venous blood.
Accelerates blood flow velocity.


Performing a leisurely massage or gentle vibrations has a reassuring effect. Strong vibrations and kneading, on the other hand, are stimulating.
At the mental and spiritual level:
Increases self-awareness
Silence the mind
Promotes concentration and clarity of mind
Create comfort and healing
Unlocks trapped emotions between tissues
Works as antidepressant and Anti-alcoholic
It sensitizes deeply.

Plants for topical use that can be a good base for gels or massage oils

A professional can do a good massage thanks to his technique and dexterity. However, it can be improved by using massage gels or oils which, in addition to making the massage more pleasurable, also have a direct impact on the well-being of the person receiving it.

Beyond the type of massage that we are using, gels or oils can improve their effects notably by the properties of their components, and also allow the masseur’s hands to slide more easily through the body.

Phytotherapy puts at our disposal numerous plants for external use that have different properties: anti-inflammatory, regenerative, analgesic, etc. which may be included in massage gels or oils depending on the problem to be remedied.

Among the plants with anti-inflammatory action that are generally associated with a more effective therapeutic effect are arnica (Arnica montana), harpagophytum (Harpagophytum procumbens), verbena (Verbena officinalis), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), calendula (Calendula officinalis), plantain Plantago major), etc.

Plants that develop their antiseptic action due to the presence of essential oils or other substances are for example lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), melissa (Melissa officinalis), cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), niaoulí (Malaleuca viridiflora) , cajeput (Malaleuca leucadendron), celidonia (Chelidonium majus), lemon (Citrus limon), etc.

The cicatrization is favored with the use of, in addition to the aforementioned antiseptic and anti-inflammatory plants, with astringent plants or with those containing substances such as allantoin or asiaticoside that favor epithelial regeneration. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), marigold (Calendula officinalis), echinacea (Echinacea purpurea), horsetail (Equisetum arvense), minor daisy (Bellis perennis), etc. are used as cicatrizantes.

In the field of regeneration, the comfrey (Symphytum officinale) stands out for its content in allantoin, one of the best tissue regenerators in external use, and the hamamelis (Hamamelis virginiana) with tannins that exert an astringent healing-re-epithelizing action.

To treat problems such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, plants with an immunomodulatory effect such as calaguala (Polypodium leucotomos) or aloe (Aloe vera) are used.

Each person reacts in a different way to the massage. All these reactions are absolutely natural and therefore do not have to repress them.

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The Ten Most Popular Massage Techniques

An ancient massage was seen as a great way to restore lost strength and accumulate energy for future work. There are many forms of massage available. However, it has been found that there are ten commonly used massage techniques in the world. Which massage therapy style is best for you?

Today, on the portal, we will give you a brief narrative about the ten most popular massage techniques.

Swedish massage

It’s a kind of peeling and circular motion that is performed on the surface muscle layers using massage lotions or oils. Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle. If you have never experienced the pleasures of massage ever before, this is a good way to try this type of massage.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is performed with one or several types of flavoring vegetable oils, also known as essential oils. Oils for special needs. A massage therapist can choose oils that help rest, which helps to do more energetic work, which helps reduce stress, which helps to balance the internal state. One of the most common essential oils used in aromatherapy massages is lavender oil. Aromatherapy massage is especially suitable for removing stress.

Hot stones massage

Heated smooth stones, which are placed on certain areas of the body. The heat perfectly relaxes the tense muscles, balances the energy centers of the body and their flows. Massage therapists can also gently rub the body with stones. Hot stones massage is an effective relaxant, especially for people who have muscle tension, but want a lighter body massage.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on deeper muscle layers. Massage therapist uses gentle strokes and / or friction techniques. Deep tissue massage is used for chronic muscle aches. If for any reason, the body does not bloom to hard physical work, but still need to work, so the muscles are constantly painful – this massage is for you.

This massage is also suitable for people with recurrent tension and pain in the back muscles, with posture problems. Recommended when people do not live their lives and do not do their job.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese fingers massage. It is performed by pressing in a row in a row, based on the principle of acupuncture philosophy. Press the so-called meridians of the body. Such a massage can improve the flow of energy and help the body regain balance. Pressing the meridian pressure is maintained for two to eight seconds. People are usually pleasantly surprised when Shiatsu tried for the first time.

Thai massage

Like Shiatsu, called Thai massage, it balances body energy with gentle pressure. Thai massage provides more strength than other forms of massage. It also reduces stress and improves flexibility and movement amplitude.

Pregnancy Massage

It is also called prenatal massage. Pregnancy massage is becoming increasingly popular for future mothers. Such massages are certified. A pregnancy massage is used to reduce stress, reducing swelling of the feet, and so on. This massage relieves pain, reduces anxiety and depression.


Although sometimes it’s called just a foot massage, but such a massage is far more than a simple foot massage. Reflexology massage is carried out using pressure in certain areas of the feet where the points of the body organs and systems are located. Reflexology massage is recommended for those who are very relaxed, especially for those who are standing on their feet all day or just very tired and legs are painful.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is specially designed for people who have a lot of sports. However, you do not need to be a professional athlete so you can try this massage. The emphasis is not on rest but on the principles of prevention. For example, reinforce all your accumulated abilities to compete for a more successful performance.

The combination of methods is used a) the bar is only done faster than the Swedish massage. (b) Simplified stretching. It helps to relax the muscles and increases the flexibility and strength of the muscles.

Back massage

The clinics and spa offer a 30-minute massage. You can book a 40-minute massage and ask the massage therapist to focus on your back problems. Massage is used not only for back pain but also for neck pain.

This is a brief summary of ten major massage techniques. However, there is no need to abuse massages either. The excessive desire to create well-being sometimes results in opposite. It is enough to prophylatively find time to visit massage specialists at least once a month. If there is a pathology, it is necessary to consult a family physician for referral to the appropriate massage specialist.

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Relaxing and anti-stress

In some establishments where this type of massage is given, relaxing and anti-stress, they are considered as synonyms. However, in some others they are taught as different techniques. When asking in the different establishments the difference between one and the other they indicated, for example, that in the relaxing massage the movements that are applied are very soft to induce the patient to the relaxation, whereas in the anti-stress they are stronger and deeper, because It is used in people who are stressed and have muscle contractures.

Holistic massage

This massage takes its name from the Greek term “Holos” which means everything, whole, complete. It is a therapy that induces the patient to a total relaxation and seeks the balance in all the levels of the human being so much physical, as emotional, mental and spiritual, to achieve this state of unification different massage techniques are used.

Hot stone massage

As its name indicates it is a treatment that uses stones, usually are volcanic or river, because they keep the heat longer.

It is a massage that is used to obtain a deep relaxation, in addition to descontracturar the areas where the energy is blocked.

There are therapists who use only hot stones and there are those who combine hot and cold. The use of this tool helps to work the emotional part of the patient to balance it.

Shiatsu massage

The word shiatsu means pressure with the finger, “shi” finger and “atsu” pressure. It is a massage that is used to level the energy of the body, that is, it is an energetic unblocker. It is considered Japanese but the base is Chinese. The application of this technique is done with fingers and palms, the objective is to balance the energy of the body in order to promote health and healing

Manual lymphatic drainage (DLM)

The DLM serves to eliminate the toxins and liquids that the body accumulates, in this therapy soft and repetitive movements are applied that direct the waste (toxins, liquids and fat) to the lymph nodes, where the organism eliminates them with greater ease.

With this massage, metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic flow are activated. In some establishments they give it in the whole body, while in others they only drain certain parts or they are applied before and after an operation.

Reductive massage

At present, reductive massage can be given manually or with appliances, or by combining the two techniques. According to our research, we found that in some establishments they do handle appliances and in others they do not. In addition, there are service providers that offer this type of treatment only in packages, however, most of the surveyed establishments can provide it individually.

This technique serves to reduce size, shape and reaffirm the figure. Before the treatment a diagnosis is made to locate the areas to work in order to move the adipose tissue.

Foot reflexology

Basically refers to the massage in feet, because we have many nerve endings that are connected to the different parts and organs of the body. By rubbing each point, each part of the body is reflexively stimulated, thus recovering the natural balance of the organism. The technique used is digital pressure.

Chocolate therapy

It is a therapy that can be applied to all skin types, for its nutritional properties, chocolate provides great benefits to the skin, as it hydrates, firms, removes roughness, dead cells, helps to eliminate fat and fight the signs of the skin. aging thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Remember that consuming chocolate causes a feeling of well-being, pleasure and euphoria, which is due to the properties of its components such as theobromine and phenylethylamine. When it is smeared on the body, the skin absorbs it generating the same sensations as if it were eaten, so this treatment helps to fight depression, stress and improves mood thanks to the production of endorphins in the body, hormone of the body. happiness.

The chocolate therapy consists first in making an exfoliation on the whole body and then a layer of chocolate is applied, it is wrapped around the person, either with a plastic or thermal sheet and left to act between 20 and 30 minutes. At the end of the time all the chocolate is removed. Some apply the term oil or cocoa cream to seal the treatment.

It should be noted that each provider has their personal way of offering this treatment, as there are places that only apply the chocolate wrap, while others give you massage with the application of this. In addition there are those who offer additional such as a tea, jacuzzi, sauna, etc.

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What does massage do to your body?

The old physician Hippocrates said it already, we like it. But why is massage so good for you? In this article we tell you more about it.

The undivided attention you get, makes you come all the way to yourself again and that your body relaxes again and then restores itself. The body has a natural self-healing ability which is stimulated with a massage. That way you often feel reborn afterwards. This is because the production of endorphins (the happiness hormone) and the production of oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) are stimulated. These body-specific substances reduce stress and increase your happiness. Because your muscles are well circulated again after a massage, they feel smooth and relaxed again. All of this also does a lot of good for your immune system, which reduces the chance of illness. And that is nice!
Why massage is so good for you?
A list of advantages:

Reduces stress
Stimulates happiness
Increases your resistance
Stimulates the blood circulation (nutrients come to the right place)
Unbuttoned (waste products are therefore discharged faster)
Improves the balance between body and mind
Gives energy
Works preventively against diseases, aches and depressions.
Let yourself come to yourself again
Makes you more aware of your own body

Tips for massaging:

If you always receive a massage, give one back.
Also massage someone’s hands and / or face.
Massage in a quiet environment
Massage with colleagues during a lunch break. Some workstations even employ masseurs to help staff relax. The fact is that this reduces the risk of depression, illness and overwork, improves blood circulation and also improves concentration. A short shoulder massage of two minutes has all the desired effect.
Do not eat fat just before a massage
Drink at least two glasses of water after a massage to drain the released waste. Otherwise, you will get a headache.
Do not schedule anything until one hour after the massage. So you can optimally enjoy the massage in lajpat nagar.

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How to Receive A Massage

We all love massages and sometimes we can receive some from our friends or family, even if they are not always like a professional. The importance of how to give a massage is always discussed, but how to receive a massage is not taken into account. Fact that is very important.

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Steps to follow:

  1. The first thing to do when we are going to receive a massage is to trust with the hands of the person who is going to give it to us. You have to be relaxed and avoid being tense and thinking about how the massage will be done, if it will hurt you or in other negative thoughts.
  2. Before the massage, you can take a hot shower or make a sauna. This way you will be able to relax your body more, because hot water and steam tend to relax the muscles of your body and prepare the skin for massage. You will also feel better.
  3. To receive a massage, you have to take off your clothes from the area where you will receive them. You do not have to worry, because the physiotherapist, masseuse or person who gives you the massage will cover your body with a sheet or towel. Now you will think if the body covers me how it will give me the massage ?. The answer is very easy, it will cover your body and will only remove the part of the sheet from the area of ??the body where you have to give the massage.
  4. You have to lie on the table or stretcher and once lying down, you have to become aware of your breathing. For this we recommend that you do two or three deep breaths when you lie down. It’s about making slow inspirations and quicker exhalations.
  5. When you are receiving the massage, try not to talk. Because silence helps you get your peace of mind and relax more. In the same way that as the person who gives you the massage is moving the sheet that covers your body you do not have to try to help him move it, to avoid tensing your body.
  6. When the physiotherapist or the person giving you the massage presses and pushes down on a muscle of your body (pressing your body against the stretcher or table on which you are lying), you have to let the air out of your lungs at the same time you perform the pressure and breathe again when you remove the pressure.
  7. Once the massage is finished, you have to take your time to get up. Because your body will be relaxed and you can faint.

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Full Body Massage Centre in Kailash Colony Delhi

Full Body Massage Centre in Delhi : Metro Station Gate No-2, Kailash Colony, Delhi – 110048 (Above Bank of Baroda)

Massage – the eternal miracle

Typical reasons for starting massage sessions are too stressful or painful. But massage care can take you far beyond what you suspect. Regular massage can be of great benefit to your overall health and well-being. Read to learn some of the wonderful health aspects available to you through massage.

The more you learn about the massage, the more you will benefit from each of our sessions. This review addresses some of the main benefits of massage:

Reduces stress
Helps digestion
Improves blood circulation
Relieves tension or pain in the muscles
Helps detoxify
Improves the range of motion
And many more …

The most obvious benefit shared by almost everyone is that whole body massage makes you feel great! To relieve stress, the results are indicative enough to involve many people as a normal part of their life. But are there any less obvious benefits?

The first point to develop massage techniques is your sense of touch. This is not surprising given that each square inch of the skin contains about 50 nerve endings. With five million touch receptors, the skin sends you messages to your brain, the body’s initial reaction to massage is to relax. It has been proven that even a touch reduces blood pressure and reduces heart rate. Touching signals the brain to produce endorphins, natural painkillers for your body.

Deep massage can restore flexibility and strength of muscles, improves their overall functional status. It is the ideal treatment for relieving tension or cramps in the muscles and helps to release toxins such as lactic acid (produced by muscle tissue during exercise).

Proper blood circulation is vital to your health. Your blood and lymph bring food to trillions of cells in the body and then carry waste from the cells. Massage improves nutrient exchange at the cellular level and deeper detoxification of the body. Do not forget that the future of you is determined by how well your cell army is regenerating, so massage is really an important part to stay healthy.

The nervous system is your communications network, sending and receiving messages that constantly determine the proper functioning of your body. Stress can affect the ability of the nervous system to do its job. Numerous nerve endings in the skin and muscles relax with a massage and this helps to keep your internal lines of communication open and active.

Massage is also a tool for maintaining flexibility in joints, such as the knee, thigh, spine, shoulders and neck. These joints are “tunnels” for nerves, arteries, and veins, so that their freedom of movement allows energy and blood to flow unhindered.

So, in order to be able to see the massage in all its light, just relax to feel the pain in the back. Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and is one of the earliest known health treatments known to man, why not hear more about it in today’s society?

In fact, massage today is rapidly growing in popularity and popularity. Apart from the ignorant, the massage had to overcome the reluctance of many people in terms of physical contact. Of course, once you try a therapeutic massage on yourself, most people get “fed up”.

“… More than 50 studies have shown that the massage has a positive effect of colic to hyperactivity with diabetes and migraine – in fact, almost any disease. Massage seems to help asthmatics breathe easier, boosts immune function in HIV-positive patients, autistic children – improves the ability to concentrate, lowers anxiety and depression … ”

“…. Massage can increase the lymphotox rate to 6 times. It improves immune function and reduces levels of (two) stress hormones … ”

As you can see, massage offers more benefits than you might have imagined. Let’s work together to help you get the most out of your massages!

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Best Price on Full Body Massage Therapy in Kailash Colony Delhi

A hard day of work, the stress of combining work and family life, nerves for upcoming exams or those small personal problems that do not let you sleep, are some of the reasons why your body and mind are kept continuously active and do not rest. Treat yourself to a moment of tranquility and relax with one of the wonderful premium oriental massages offers you.

You will only have to look for that moment for you in which to leave your body in the hands of the masseur and your menu completely blank, and enjoy this unparalleled experience for 60 minutes. You will not regret!

Our licensed massage therapists are trained in deep tissue, relaxation, Thai massage, and more.  Premium massages that you can choose:

Swedish Massage 45 MIN. RS. 1800.00 , 60 MIN. RS. 2000.00

Swedish Massage in delhi

It is a holistic manual therapy technique. It promotes muscle relaxation, activates circulation and aids in metabolism. Decreases the recovery time of people suffering from muscle injuries by stimulating tissue that is excessively lactic acid and uric acid and other metabolic losses. Patients seek this treatment methodology to reduce emotional and physical stress, self-awareness, balance (physical-mental-spiritual) general well-being and health. The course aims at providing the student with philosophical and educational principles.

Aromatherapy Massage 45 MIN. RS. 1800.00 , 60 MIN. RS. 2000.00

The Aromatherapy Massage promotes deep relaxation and acts based on two basic mechanisms: the smell and the ability to absorb the skin. The inhalation of certain aromas causes in the brain the release of neurotransmitter chemicals, which fight against stress and fatigue. Oils also exert a medicinal effect when absorbed through the skin.

Aromatherapy Massage in delhi

Depending on the oil chosen, aromatherapy massage can be used to relax, to reduce localized pain or to tone the body and its energy.

You can choose between a massage made with essential oils or specially prepared butters.

Sports Massage 45 MIN. RS. 1800.00 , 60 MIN. RS. 2000.00

The main purpose of relaxing massage is to promote the relaxation of tense muscles. Their maneuvers are calmer for the body to release hormones like oxytocin and endorphins that are responsible for calming the body.

Sports Massage in delhi

For those who practice physical activity and want to boost their results, the ideal is sports massage, because their movements are stronger and faster to promote a better blood circulation, leave the person “more agitated” before exercise, and in the post-exercise eliminate lactic acid, which is responsible for the so-called “pain the day after exercise”.

Thai Massage 45 MIN. RS. 1800.00 , 60 MIN. RS. 2000.00

Thai massage is a massage that promotes physical and emotional well-being, enhancing the quality of life and the health of the individual.

Thai Massage in Delhi

It can be made by individuals of all ages and focuses mainly on the main energetic points of the body in order to release all contained energy, rebalancing the body, being the perfect union between Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Yoga .

Thai massage is done on the floor with the individual lying down, wearing light and comfortable clothes. The therapist who performs the massage uses the hands and feet to massage the entire body, including some muscle stretching, as the picture shows.

Deep Tissue Massage 45 MIN. RS. 1800.00 , 60 MIN. RS. 2000.00

Deep tissue massage uses pressure, firmness and slowness to relieve muscle tension at the deep level (muscles that lie under the apparent muscles). The technique resembles the Swedish Massage, but its touch is slower and firmer, focuses on specific areas and follows the fibers of muscles and tendons with the goal of bringing fluid into the cells, detoxifying, oxygenating and stimulating circulation. However, the principle is not unique, being used in several techniques of Massage therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage in delhi

The massage therapist of this specialty undergoes specific training and is licensed and certified. In this way, they are prepared to manipulate the deep tissue observing the reactions of the patient so as not to cause lesions. But, it is not uncommon to feel pain and discomfort during and after the session, and may be indicated by the masseterapist applying ice upon returning home. During the session, the massage therapist may be using the tips and joints of the fingers, forearms, elbows or simply the palm of the hand. Deep breathing and drinking water may be required as well, while working more tense areas.

Shiatsu Massage 45 MIN. RS. 1800.00 , 60 MIN. RS. 2000.00

In order to relax the hardened muscles and to achieve the possible correction of the spine, there was the Shiatsu massage, of Japanese origin. This massage technique provides well-being of body and mind.

Shiatsu Massage in delhi

Massage is done through pressures at certain points in the human body, using the thumbs, fingers and palms in passive joint movements.

Balinese Massage 45 MIN. RS. 1800.00 , 60 MIN. RS. 2000.00

Balinese massage involves three different techniques: Accumulation, reflexology and aromatherapy, which has as main objective to stimulate the relaxation of the mind, through strategic pressures and the use of aromatherapy that help stimulate specific muscles and also providing relaxation and recovery of the body.

Balinese Massage in delhi

The first stage of a Balinese Spa ritual is the choice of the aroma you want to use: depending on your choice the masseur will know if you want a more stimulating or more relaxing massage.

Then there is the ritual of preparing you for therapy, which begins with cleaning and relaxing your feet and legs using reflexology techniques, starting the session.

Hot Stone Massage 45 MIN. RS. 1800.00 , 60 MIN. RS. 2000.00

Hot stone massage is a massage made with hot basalt stones all over the body, including face and head, which helps to relax and relieve the stress accumulated during daily tasks.

Hot Stone Massage in delhi

Initially a full body massage is done with plenty of oil and then the therapist also performs a gentle massage with the heated stone leaving it to stay for a few minutes, in some specific points of the body, called acupressure key points.

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Back Massage - Give a Nice Relaxation

Back Massage – Give a Nice Relaxation

Does your close person work as a sedentary worker or have back pain? Give a nice relaxation – a comprehensive deep and deep muscle massage with amber oil to help relieve pain and tension.

The elegant and cozy interior of the wellness Massage House, located in the heart of delhi, will help you relax, and the professionals who work here will focus on the warmth and attention.

Back massage is suitable for ever-rushing, as well as seated work and for those who constantly feel muscle spasms, discomfort or tension. It will help to revitalize the back, buttocks, neck and head muscles. The muscles will relax, blood flow will improve, and the movement will become much easier.

A special blend of oils is used during the massage, which includes amber oil and amber powder. Amber oil has a great antiseptic effect, and amber acid in amber powders is an extremely effective biostimulator that stimulates cell regeneration and improves skin condition.

Massage will be performed on an amber mattress, and hot stones massage fragments and hot amber bags will be used for warming up and relaxing your muscles.

A gift that will help you forget the pain and tension …

Our treatments are designed exclusively for men, with the aim of offering unprecedented service and great attention to detail.

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Easy and affordable Swedish Massage

Easy and affordable Swedish Massage

These techniques are mainly applied to active athletes and to people who are under great physical strain.

The therapeutic effect of the Swedish massage in delhi is uncontested. Besides physical relaxation, it also helps emotional stress.

Types of massage techniques

In case of joint pain and stiffness, its action is proven. Most people subjected to this healing body to body massage in delhi say their bodies become more flexible.

The techniques themselves improve the blood circulation. The main focus of these 5 techniques is the Swedish physician Per Henrik Ling, physiotherapist and medical gymnastics teacher.

We will try to recreate each of them, though we know it will be difficult …. Let’s start with the first technique consisting of sliding movements along the whole body.

Techniques used in the so-called Swedish massage

Try to use only palms of hands and fingers. The masseuse or the therapist needs to move his arms from the shoulders to the tip of the fingers or, if he works on the neck and back, respectively, the rule applies from top to bottom.

Full relaxation is sure as well as the effect of good blood circulation and soothing the nerves. The second technique is a wrinkle with hands that resembles the mincing of mince.

This is intended to fully penetrate the depth of the muscles. Use your knuckles on your fingers and thumbs. Let your body muscles get ready for the next procedure.

This relieves tension in the muscles, lymphatic drainage and blood flow increases. The third technique is a light and rhythmic tapping using bent fists or open palms facing sideways. This helps to relax the muscles.

The next fourth technique is rubbing and striving to warm the body as a whole. The fifth last type of technique is the use of oscillatory motions, i. the body is shaken by vibration. The soft-motion therapist shakes the skin with the toes of her fingers as she passes through all the areas of your body.

Several iterations are required. As you are persuaded, the established methodology of this type of massage is to free the muscles from tension in all areas of the face as well as along the whole spine. If some elements of the explanation seem to you incomprehensible improvise.

Thai Massage in Delhi

Massage For Body Corrective

Unlike methods for correction of other correction, the method is effective and at the same time pleasant – massage. One of the main features of the massage is to stimulate the circulation of the blood and the lymph circulation of the tissues, which leads to a decrease in fat deposits.

There are several massages in our center:

– Therapeutic. The essence of the massage is that the organs are under the active influence of kneading, pressing and scratching. This causes skin tonalization, loss of weight and relaxation.

– Apparatus method – deep penetration of vibrators to the skin layer strengthens the slimming effect. Thus, the production of elastin and collagen, enhancing the rejuvenating effect, increases the blood germination and strengthens calories burn.

– Sports technique – The use of some medications to heat the muscles causes melting of the fat layer.

– The point method. There are some biological active points that control metabolism in our body. It is possible to accelerate metabolism, relieve the feeling of overcrowding or hunger when it affects these points.

– Antisellulite – is a method of action with the use of kneading, stamping, vibration and special medicinal oils and greases on cellulite-affected body parts. The massage is conducted with a course consisting of 7-8 procedures.

– Classic. The slimming effect of classical massage is taken by massage in the direction of lymph. The procedure starts first with squeezing, then kneading continues with vibration and compression.

– Soothing is a method of improving internal muscles and increasing body tone. This massage not only offers a soothing effect when used properly, but also helps to lose weight.

– Massage with stony volcanic stones (Staphylococcus) – Strengthens blood circulation under the effects of stones and accelerates metabolism, resulting in fat loss of organism. Hot pumping stones on the abdomen reduce appetite and reduce the amount of food intake. Changing hot and cold stones leads to toxins in the body and melting calories.

– The Swedish method is carried out with the finger tip pressing all the tissues of the necessary points.

– Hygienic – a kind of supportive massage, whispered together with other types of massages. This method also causes the removal of harmful substances from the body.

Aroma massage is the kind of massage that stimulates the process, stimulates the gastrointestinal system and is used with the use of aromatic essential oils that eliminate excess fluids and toxins in the body.

– Bank massage. In other words, “Vakkum Massage” is a way to lose weight. Provides the release of blood circulation and toxins by means of negative pressure generated on the skin surface. As a result, the cells receive the maximum osigen. Strengthening of blood circulation causes melting of fat cells.

Special questions will be determined by the specialists of our center, which will be more appropriate for you after the examination.

One of the effective and at the same time enjoyable in comparison to other figure correction procedures is massage.


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relaxing body massage in delhi

Relaxation Massage in Delhi

Massage has been used since the beginning of mankind, with it being considered one of the oldest forms of manipulation of the human body. It has been successfully employed by many cultures as a means of promoting and restoring health, primarily to alleviate physical pain and discomfort.

Massage when properly applied helps in toning and helps in recovery of muscles, in the balance of internal organs and nervous system, increases cellular respiration and blood circulation and also causes a great feeling of rest and well being.

The duration of a massage session depends on the purpose and availability of the patient. Generally, the minimum time used is 45 minutes, and can be up to 2 hours. The application of the massage can be performed both on the floor and on an appropriate stretcher.

In addition to lymphatic drainage and modeling massage, which are best known for helping to improve cellulite and reduce measures, relaxing body massage in kailash colony is also very important and have its advantages, in addition there are several types of relaxing massage. Find out what these types are and enjoy and enjoy those minutes to relieve stress from day to day.

Relaxing massages are treatments that use hands or simple appliances. All kinds of relaxing massages try to promote muscle relaxation and combat stress. Most of them release a hormone called oxytocin that fights muscle tension, stress, helps the bowel and lowers blood pressure. In general, all types of massage do somehow form part of relaxing massages, considering that muscle relaxation is one of the most common features in massage therapies.

Some types of relaxing full body massage in delhi:

Anti Stress: Use light slides and light kneading to stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin to reduce day-to-day stress. The light touch stimulates wellness hormones and increases blood circulation in the skin and in the muscles, which tends to relax.

Aromatherapy: It has a double beneficial effect, combining the therapeutic effects of massage – through the stimulation of the venous and lymphatic circulation and the relief of tension points and the effects of the aromas that reach the brain through the sense of smell, provoking sensations of pleasure and making their relaxing and stimulating effects on the whole body.

Do-In: is a technique of self-massage applied at the energetic points of our body, called meridians. DO-IN is considered as the technique to be applied in cures of chronic diseases.

Facial: Increases the elasticity of the skin and circulation in the face, reduces dark circles, wrinkles and bumps. Helps in the elimination of dead cells accumulated in the face. Uses reflex points on the face to relieve symptoms of pain or stress. Being a light massage is considered relaxing.

Reflexology: It is based on the principle that there are areas, or reflex points in the powders and hands, that correspond to each organ, gland and structure of the body. By working these reflex points, we reduce tension throughout the body.

Remember that it is always recommended that you look for professionals to perform any aesthetic procedures, even if it is as harmless as possible. And for you who are in the capital, the options of aesthetic centers, spas, hotels that perform the procedure of the relaxing massage in delhi is even greater. You have options to spare. Enjoy!