Why People Get a Massage?

It is generally known that a massage is a wonderful way to completely relax. Leave things as they are. But its influence extends much further. Various scientific studies confirm that massaging is also very beneficial. Both mentally and physically.

Feeling happier

During a massage training you learn that when you massage all kinds of lucky substances are released into the body. Touching ensures the production of serotonins and endorphins. They not only inhibit the production of the stress hormone cortisol, but also contribute to a carefree, happier and happier state of mind.

Better circulation

A massage study gives you the tools to improve blood circulation and boost your metabolism. Consequence? Waste disposal is increasing and that also applies to the supply of new nutrients and oxygen. This benefits the skin, muscles, organs and the like. The body gets more energy and that promotes vitality.


Another hormone that the body produces during massages is the oxytocin cuddle hormone. That gives people a safe, familiar and secure feeling. Not only does that promote relaxation, it also ensures peace. In the body and head. That’s only good, because it lowers blood pressure and that’s good for your health.

Boost the immune system

According to research, the body produces more white blood cells during a massage. And they promote resistance, because they fight diseases.

Restore balance

Physical and mental tensions have an impact on the body. This can cause headaches, upset stomach and mood disorders. After completing a massage training you will be able to recognize this. By massaging you then stimulate the blocked energy flows. This releases tensions and allows energy to flow freely again. In this way you contribute to restoring the balance between body and mind.

Sleep well

Quite a few people count fifty sheep every night because of sleeping problems. A massage can then offer a solution. Certainly when it comes to stress related problems.

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