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Why People Get a Massage?

It is generally known that a massage is a wonderful way to completely relax. Leave things as they are. But its influence extends much further. Various scientific studies confirm that massaging is also very beneficial. Both mentally and physically.

Feeling happier

During a massage training you learn that when you massage all kinds of lucky substances are released into the body. Touching ensures the production of serotonins and endorphins. They not only inhibit the production of the stress hormone cortisol, but also contribute to a carefree, happier and happier state of mind.

Better circulation

A massage study gives you the tools to improve blood circulation and boost your metabolism. Consequence? Waste disposal is increasing and that also applies to the supply of new nutrients and oxygen. This benefits the skin, muscles, organs and the like. The body gets more energy and that promotes vitality.


Another hormone that the body produces during massages is the oxytocin cuddle hormone. That gives people a safe, familiar and secure feeling. Not only does that promote relaxation, it also ensures peace. In the body and head. That’s only good, because it lowers blood pressure and that’s good for your health.

Boost the immune system

According to research, the body produces more white blood cells during a massage. And they promote resistance, because they fight diseases.

Restore balance

Physical and mental tensions have an impact on the body. This can cause headaches, upset stomach and mood disorders. After completing a massage training you will be able to recognize this. By massaging you then stimulate the blocked energy flows. This releases tensions and allows energy to flow freely again. In this way you contribute to restoring the balance between body and mind.

Sleep well

Quite a few people count fifty sheep every night because of sleeping problems. A massage can then offer a solution. Certainly when it comes to stress related problems.

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The 9 Best Known Types of Body Massage

Body massage is a technique applied with gentle movements using only the hands on the body muscles.

In this procedure are used vegetable oils that help in the execution of movements, maintaining a specific rhythm to stimulate the production of hormones that will bring relaxation.

In body massage for relaxation a hormone called oxytocin is released that fights muscle tension, aids in bowel flow, and also stabilizes blood pressure.

Body massage in addition to causing relaxation, decreases muscle pain and cramps, because it increases blood circulation. As it stimulates lymphatic drainage, body massage assists in the elimination of toxins, removal of toxic residues that remain in muscle fibers, increases muscle tone, and even moisturizes the skin.

The Benefits of Body Massage:

Fight stress and anxiety
Fight depression
Moisturizes the skin and prevents premature aging
Reduces tension and muscle aches
Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
Eliminates toxins and metabolic waste
Improves the immune system.

Follow me now with the 9 best known types of body massage in delhi.

Swedish massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Thai massage
Ayurvedic Massage
Sports Massage
Abhyanga Massage

Swedish massage

Among all types of massage, Swedish is perhaps the most practiced around the world. When we imagine a typical massage, it will probably be Swedish.

Swedish massage being applied to the back

This body massage consists of long, deep movements in the superficial layers of the muscles. Since these movements can follow straight lines, or make circles. In execution usually oil or lotion is used.

It is a relaxing massage that does not cause so much pain. Check out some benefits of Swedish massage;

tense and aching muscles relax and become more elastic
connective tissue becomes more flexible and acts to prevent muscle scarring after injury
increases blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles
relieves cramps
increases lymphatic circulation and improves the immune system
Helps nullify toxins, especially lactic acid
relieves bumps
improves breathing
normalizes blood pressure
improves muscle functioning and recovery
has a relaxing effect on the nervous system
reduces stress
improves the digestive system
provides a relaxed sleep
quickly recovers repetitive strain injuries such as tendonitis
help people with fibromyalgia
increases body awareness

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is not as common as the previous one. In addition to the use of massage still adds techniques and areas of knowledge.

Aromatherapy massage, as its name implies, uses one or more essential oils to meet specific needs.

The massage therapist will select relaxing, stimulating, stress reducing oils, or whatever your need may be. The most common of the oils of this modality is lavender.

It is recommended for those who have stress problems or stressful emotional conditions. See some other benefits;

Relieves stress
Provides weight loss
Reduces symptoms of premenstrual tension and menopause
Fight insomnia
Regain self esteem
Promotes relaxation
Restore energy levels
Reduces headaches / migraines
Reduces high stress / anxiety levels
Treats backache
Treats muscle aches
Treats digestive disorders
Stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation
Relieves tension points

Hot Stone Massage

This body massage uses heated stones to be placed on certain points of the body to warm and relax the stiff muscles and balance the energy centers of the body.

She can also apply some pressure on the stones with her hands. It is a relaxing body massage. Therefore, it is indicated for those who have muscle tension but do not want to receive painful massages.

Great benefits of this type of massage;

Increases local blood circulation due to heat from stones
Promotes Deep Relaxation
Reaches the deepest muscle fibers
Increases lymphatic drainage
Relieves muscle aches
Reduces stress and tensions
Increases the feeling of well-being
Indicated in circulatory treatments and bruising elimination
Effective in treating ulcers
Helps in menstrual cramps processes
Promotes Detoxification & Weight Loss
Reduces physical and emotional stress.
Activates vital energy by decreasing tiredness
Relieves muscle or joint pain
Promotes relaxation
Helps decrease depressive states
Helps in cases of insomnia
Fight stress-related problems
Induces the patient to a deep state of relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage seeks to reach the deepest layers of the musculature. In the application the masseuse uses slower movements and friction techniques directly on the muscle.

It is a body massage that aims to treat chronic muscle pain, such as joint problems and recovery from injuries. It is usually a little more painful, generating sensitivity for one or two days after application.

Main benefits:

Treats chronic back pain
Helps lower high blood pressure
Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Muscle Tension
Help reduce inflammation and muscle spasms
Stimulates blood flow
Helps reduce automatic nervous system stress response
Loosens muscles to allow more oxygen
Improves Recovery and Athletic Performance
Helps improve lactate clearance
Delays onset of muscle pain and muscle fatigue
Prevent and treat injuries
Reduces Arthritis Symptoms
Relieves joint pain
Relieves chronic pain
Relieves stiffness
Reduces anxiety
Assists in range of motion
Sleep Trouble
Reduces Heart Rate
Reduces Blood Pressure

Shiatsu Massage

This is a form of Japanese body treatment, characterized by using localized and rhythmic finger pressure at the points used by acupuncture. Each acupuncture point is held for about two to eight seconds to improve the flow of energy, helping the body regain its balance.

It is a technique that is said to work right after the first session. It is relaxing, although it uses firm techniques. After the massage the place is not sore, which is a great advantage over other functional types of massage.

Benefits for those who receive this massage:

Relax body and mind
Restore and also balance our energy
Improve in our breathing
Improve our physical posture
Improve our circulatory system
Increased welfare
Psychological improvements
Relieve muscle tension
Improve posture
Increase circulation
Rebalance energy flow
Facilitate toxin removal
provides a feeling of relaxation and well-being
Increases mood and vitality
Balances nervous system activity
Reduces muscle tension
Stabilizes anxiety disorders
Helps regulate sleep disorders
Lowers blood pressure
Increases endorphin level
Relax mind and body
Restores and balances energy
Improves breathing
Improves posture
Improves circulation
Increases well-being
Clears the mind

Thai massage

Like shiatsu, Thai body massage seeks to align body energies using pressures at specific body sites. In its application is used compressions and “pinches” in the body.

Another news is that the massaged is not just lying in place, the masseur will make him go through a sequence of specific postures. It is therefore a kind of energizing massage, quite different from other types. It aims to reduce stress and improve flexibility and movement ability.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Helps detoxify body & boosts immune system
Increases blood circulation and decreases blood pressure.
Great for muscle relaxation
Increases muscle flexibility and mobility
Improves breathing
Improves posture, balance
Corrects body alignment
Dissolve energy blockages
Improves athletic performance
Helps in arthritis and backache
Tones the body, strengthens the joints
Combat disease as well as chronic joint problems
Prevents illness and relieves degenerative diseases
Slows down the aging process
Put the mind and body in tune
Improves your attitude towards life: builds an emotional balance
Helps concentration and creativity; Concentration mind and body
Cleans and soothes the mind
Helps you gain mental clarity
Reduces and relieves stress and anxiety.
Helps people boost inherent energy levels
Develops discipline and self-control
Improve health and increase vitality
Increases energy levels and stamina
Build internal power and create natural confidence

Ayurvedic Massage

This body massage stimulates muscles and circulation, releasing toxins trapped in them and tissues.

In it the therapist uses the hands, elbows and feet to do the touch in order to do the postural realignment, to provide relief from even chronic tensions, strengthening the immune system and reducing stress and depression.

Proven Benefits:

It acts deeply and comprehensively in the blood, lymphatic and energetic circulation.
Promotes increased peripheral circulation in capillaries
Lowers blood pressure and increases tissue oxygenation
Nourishes the seven dhatus – tissues – rebalances the doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha
Strengthens the immune system
Helps build strength and flexibility
Improve the body’s blood and energy circulation
Increases immunity and dissolves nodules and areas of tension
Detoxifies the body as it functions as a lymphatic drainage
Eliminates toxins
Centralizes and energizes the physical body’s chakras, energy vortices
Helps increase self-esteem and self-confidence
Helps release blocked emotions
Helps to reduce depression and panic syndrome
Provides deep relaxation and develops positive thoughts.
Makes you aware of body and mind as a whole
Substantially increases the sense of well-being

Sports Massage

This is suitable for people who practice some kind of sport. Her focus is on the most requested muscle groups in performing the physical activity in question, so that future muscle problems do not arise.

Its benefits include muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation and cell oxygenation. As a consequence the athlete is able to regain his muscle groups faster.

Benefits of sports massage:

Prepare the muscles for exercise
Increases blood circulation
Eliminates Muscle Toxins
Prevents muscle and tendon injuries
Tones muscle tissue
Stimulates adrenaline production
Relieves post workout pain
Improves oxygen and nutrient transport to muscles
Helps loosen tight muscles
Improves joint mobility
Reduces muscle spasms
Reduces edema and inflammatory processes
Brings greater body awareness
Has a relaxing or stimulating effect on the central nervous system.
Decreases recovery time between workouts
Helps to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste
Helps prevent injuries
Reduces anxiety
Fight depression
Promotes a sense of well-being
Fight stress
Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
Reduces muscle tension and pain
Eliminates toxins and metabolic waste
Increases sense of well-being and concentration.
Improves sleep pattern
Identifies areas of tension or inflammation to be treated before an injury occurs.
Provides cenesthetic feedback
Helps create a positive mental state
Increases ease of movement


Abhyanga Massage

This massage uses large amounts of oil to nourish tissues and eliminate toxins. It is made with warm oil chosen according to the patient’s Dosha, which is the characterization of its biological profile.

In its application movements and slight stretching are performed aiming at the elimination of toxins.

In addition to providing detoxification of the body, massage improves tissue oxygenation and acts to prevent disease, improving health. If done regularly, it still relaxes the muscles, nerves and joints. Because it acts directly on the lymphatic, blood and nervous systems, it also stimulates the digestive system.

Check out the Benefits of this type of massage:

Promotes nerve function and balances the nervous system
Increases blood and lymph circulation
Assists in the excretion of bags (excretions)
Benefits skin and hair (aesthetic effects)
Helps in gastrointestinal function
Relieves muscle tension and pain
Promotes dissolution of stress, emotional tension, anxiety and generates restful sleep.
Reduces edema and swelling
Indicated in disorders of Vata Dosha
Has good results in musculoskeletal disorders (rheumatisms)
Benefits in treating headaches
Releases Tissue Doshas to TGI (digestive tract) for elimination
Promotes libido, ie is indicated in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions
Indicated in drug addiction (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine etc)
More shine, firmness and toning of the skin and musculature
Direct lubrication and consequently smoothing of skin, fascia and joints
Increased tissue suppleness and muscle nutrition
Internalization of attention and deep relaxation
Gradual incorporation of oil into the body, making it more flexible and resilient
CNS soothing and sedating prolonged action
Warming up, improved circulatory capacity
Decreased inflammatory processes
Potentiation of digestion and burning of toxins
Promotion of deep relaxation and well-being
Absorption of medicated skin oil
Toxin mobilization (ama)
Activation of reflexology points stimulating the marmas
Unblocking physical channels (srotas) and subtle channels (nadis)

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Massage relieves pain, eliminates fatigue and strengthens immunity

The touch of warm hands, the stroking technique and the click of certain points magically affect our entire body. All the benefits of massage are proven by medical science. Different massages have their little secret, so their effects are different. However, all massages have the magic power of restoring power, helping to maintain health and invigorating – the small holidays when you need them most.

What should you know about massage?

Although the positive effect of massage is felt already after the first session, but for those who want an obvious and lasting effect, it is recommended to take 5-10 massage courses.

If you want to stay in good shape after the massage course, do a preventive massage once a month

Each massage method has different effects, so you can combine several different types of massage in consultation with a specialist

Traditional massages

Classic massage

Relieves tension and stress, relaxes muscles, suppresses head and back pain, strengthens immunity, suitable for the prevention of various diseases. Massage mainly affects the muscular system – relaxes muscles from tension, restores skin elasticity, restores the body’s energy balance.

Healing massage

Already in ancient times people have convinced that massage is a great remedy. Therapeutic massages are performed for spine, joints, muscles, internal diseases, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, pain reduction, neurological and orthopedic patients with spinal hernia, as well as prophylaxis of various diseases.

Relaxing massage

It creates a special environment, so an hour’s calm session allows you to experience true bliss for both body and soul. During the massage, aromatherapy oils of different purposes are used, which perform several functions – some of them soothe, relax and others provide energy.

Segmental massage

Massage is recommended for both sedentary and physical work, with tension in the neck and shoulders, and in various parts of the spine.

Aromatic massage

Performed using special shea butter and energy-providing, toning, aromatic oil concentrates. It’s just a refreshment after an intense day at work or the stress of life changes.

Honey massage

The healing properties of honey have long been known. Massage is performed by several techniques – fluttering, active stroking and special stretching movements.

Swedish massage

Deep, all-muscle stimulating massage, tailored to each client’s needs, has a relaxing and healing effect.

Holistic Swedish massage

Deep, well-muscled muscles, pleasing to the client massage, which has both healing and relaxing effects. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to increase oxygen delivery to the bloodstream and release toxins from the muscles. Massage is done on the whole body, gives a deep feeling of relaxation, stimulates blood circulation, improves joint flexibility, relieves muscle tension. Massage is recommended for physically active, healthy people. Especially suitable for athletes, joggers.

New! Reflexology foot massage

This is a great therapy to relieve fatigue and leg tension! During this massage, active points in the feet are stimulated and massaged. In this way the activity of the whole body is strengthened and not only the feet but also the whole body is relaxed. Massage is done by hand.

Hot stone massage

The massage uses polished volcanic stones from Hawaii to help relax muscles, improve blood circulation and metabolism. These stones are also extraordinary because they retain heat for a very long time, which makes massage a great way out on a cool, cozy day.

Four-hand massage Only at Wellness Spa in Kailash Colony

Four hands simultaneously massage the whole body in synchronous movements, thereby harmonizing the body system and eliminating fatigue. The main purpose of this massage is to completely relax.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese method of treatment and diagnostics using your fingers, hands, elbows, knees and even your feet and various stretching techniques, breathing and exercise. Shiatsu is used to stimulate not only specific bioenergetic points, but also vital energy flow channels (meridians).

Shaping massages

Lymphatic drainage massage

Full body massage, which removes excess toxins and fluids from tissues, reduces body volume, activates cell renewal processes.

The lymphatic system delivers nutrients to the cells and removes excess water, bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

This massage involves deep movements that tighten and tone the cellulite-damaged skin. After the anti-cellulite massage course you will notice changes – the skin will become smoother, firmer and more beautiful.

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body massage

All the benefits of massage in your own home

Do you know those mini quizzes on various social networks, with questions-whether you can choose only one of the above-mentioned services to opt for lifetime use of your own top chef, the best home assistant or the ultimate masseuse that is always available just for you?

We are for option number three!

But then we remember home business, how grateful we are to accompany dishes, so we can imagine it again … But to the side of fantasy. Even if money is not a problem (which in this case is rarely the case), most women, especially mothers, find it hard to find those hours an hour and to ‘escape’ the massage. Mothers are often on a daily basis exposed to a great deal of stress, much of this stress stems from the inability to organize and ‘half’ all the daily duties on time. For this reason, home massage is an ideal solution that saves time and money while at the same time bringing about the much needed relaxation and ‘escape’ of everyday life.


Apart from those-relaxation and relaxation of stress, the massage has many, many benefits to the general mental and physical health of man. Nowadays, massage is often attributed to doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors for many reasons.

Massage can range from light pressure to deep and more intense, and there are many types of massage, and some of these are listed here:


Relatively gentle massage, which is used in the technique of long, gentle glaze and lashing movements. The main goal of this massage is relaxation and relaxation.


Deep tissue and meridional massage includes techniques that focus on deeper muscle levels. The goal of this therapy and massage is to eliminate chronic pain and tension within the body through light but deep movements and pressure. Techniques are applied crosswise along the muscles, tendons and fascias, or follow their course and trajectory of muscular meridians. When stressful muscles block oxygen and nutrients, cause inflammation and build up of toxins, and tissue and meridian massages relax muscles, eliminate toxins, and improve circulation and oxygen exchange.


A combination of different techniques is used to help prevent or speed up rehabilitation of sports injuries.


It is focused on the treatment of a ‘trigger’ point (trigger) that implies a sensitive area in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and joint. It is characterized by local and iradiozional pressure pain, depending on the type.


Certainly you are in any form and you have the chance to try some of the massage. However, regardless of the type of massage itself, they help in a number of ways:

Relaxation of the muscles

Massage provides external pressure on the muscles and helps to reduce tension. This is actually the most common reason why people practice massages.

It enhances flexibility and reduces injury

Pressure and stretching of the muscles help with general muscle flexibility. Athletes usually regularly practice massages to improve flexibility and thus reduce the likelihood of re-injury (as well as rehabilitation after injury).

It enhances immunity

Although less well-known, massage helps improve the immune system by stimulating the lymph flow in the body. This helps to strengthen the immune system.

She shortens her stay at the hospital

The research has shown that women who regularly practiced pre-maternal massage made it much easier and faster to achieve postpartum recovery levels to improve circulation and increased relaxation on the eve of birth.

Improves sleep quality

Numerous studies have shown that massage has significant positive effects on the quality of your sleep. This is associated with the influence of delta waves massage, which allows us a deep sleep.

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The Ten Most Popular Massage Techniques

An ancient massage was seen as a great way to restore lost strength and accumulate energy for future work. There are many forms of massage available. However, it has been found that there are ten commonly used massage techniques in the world. Which massage therapy style is best for you?

Today, on the wellnessspadelhi.in portal, we will give you a brief narrative about the ten most popular massage techniques.

Swedish massage

It’s a kind of peeling and circular motion that is performed on the surface muscle layers using massage lotions or oils. Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle. If you have never experienced the pleasures of massage ever before, this is a good way to try this type of massage.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is performed with one or several types of flavoring vegetable oils, also known as essential oils. Oils for special needs. A massage therapist can choose oils that help rest, which helps to do more energetic work, which helps reduce stress, which helps to balance the internal state. One of the most common essential oils used in aromatherapy massages is lavender oil. Aromatherapy massage is especially suitable for removing stress.

Hot stones massage

Heated smooth stones, which are placed on certain areas of the body. The heat perfectly relaxes the tense muscles, balances the energy centers of the body and their flows. Massage therapists can also gently rub the body with stones. Hot stones massage is an effective relaxant, especially for people who have muscle tension, but want a lighter body massage.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on deeper muscle layers. Massage therapist uses gentle strokes and / or friction techniques. Deep tissue massage is used for chronic muscle aches. If for any reason, the body does not bloom to hard physical work, but still need to work, so the muscles are constantly painful – this massage is for you.

This massage is also suitable for people with recurrent tension and pain in the back muscles, with posture problems. Recommended when people do not live their lives and do not do their job.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese fingers massage. It is performed by pressing in a row in a row, based on the principle of acupuncture philosophy. Press the so-called meridians of the body. Such a massage can improve the flow of energy and help the body regain balance. Pressing the meridian pressure is maintained for two to eight seconds. People are usually pleasantly surprised when Shiatsu tried for the first time.

Thai massage

Like Shiatsu, called Thai massage, it balances body energy with gentle pressure. Thai massage provides more strength than other forms of massage. It also reduces stress and improves flexibility and movement amplitude.

Pregnancy Massage

It is also called prenatal massage. Pregnancy massage is becoming increasingly popular for future mothers. Such massages are certified. A pregnancy massage is used to reduce stress, reducing swelling of the feet, and so on. This massage relieves pain, reduces anxiety and depression.


Although sometimes it’s called just a foot massage, but such a massage is far more than a simple foot massage. Reflexology massage is carried out using pressure in certain areas of the feet where the points of the body organs and systems are located. Reflexology massage is recommended for those who are very relaxed, especially for those who are standing on their feet all day or just very tired and legs are painful.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is specially designed for people who have a lot of sports. However, you do not need to be a professional athlete so you can try this massage. The emphasis is not on rest but on the principles of prevention. For example, reinforce all your accumulated abilities to compete for a more successful performance.

The combination of methods is used a) the bar is only done faster than the Swedish massage. (b) Simplified stretching. It helps to relax the muscles and increases the flexibility and strength of the muscles.

Back massage

The clinics and spa offer a 30-minute massage. You can book a 40-minute massage and ask the massage therapist to focus on your back problems. Massage is used not only for back pain but also for neck pain.

This is a brief summary of ten major massage techniques. However, there is no need to abuse massages either. The excessive desire to create well-being sometimes results in opposite. It is enough to prophylatively find time to visit massage specialists at least once a month. If there is a pathology, it is necessary to consult a family physician for referral to the appropriate massage specialist.

It is important to know that a specialist in excellence and expertise in massages.


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sports massage

Therapeutic and Sports Massage

In Physiotherapy and Health we are specialized in one of the most used manual therapies in physiotherapy, which is therapeutic body to body massage in delhi.

It is a technique of prevention, maintenance and curative that periodically increases the sensation of health, allowing to eliminate tension, stress, overload, poor circulation and muscle contractions.

The different types of massages that we make are the following:

Sports massage

So long before the competition to reduce the risk of injuries, such as post competition, to accelerate recovery.

Download massage

For therapeutic purposes to eliminate contractures, muscle overload, to reduce pain …

Circulatory massage

To restore and stimulate return blood circulation, as well as increase the feeling of general wellbeing.

Facial massage

Indicated for cases of stress, headaches, migraine, cervical and maxillary overload …

Massage of connective tissue

To eliminate the constraints that appear in the fatalities and that can generate important disorders both physically and emotionally.

Visceral massage

To improve the vascularization and mobilization of the smooth musculature of the digestive system, especially in cases of constipation.

Relaxing massage

It reduces stress and provides a comfortable sense of well-being.

Lymphatic drainage

Applied in cases of venous or lymphatic pathology, tired legs and edematoses, surgical retention of liquids and edemas.

Visit to Physiotherapy and Health and we recommend the type of treatment most appropriate for your discomfort, problem or pathology.


Why Do Our Bodies Feel Better After Massage?

Many people who are in a condition that is not fit or fatigue after doing a lot of activities finally choose to get massage. By getting a massage, we can get a much fresher and healthier body. Is it true that massage can have a positive effect on health so great? Here are some benefits of getting a massage.

In general, the massage was able to make the blood circulation becomes more smoothly so that if we feel less fit, sick, or even fatigue and stiffness then the body will become more fresh and healthy. In addition, the body’s immune system will also experience a very significant increase. Increased blood circulation can actually make the levels of oxygen in the blood increases and the organs in the body will work better. In addition, white blood cells will become more so that the immune system will be better.

When our body is massaged, blood pressure will also become more stable. If we do reflexology, pressure receptors in the brain will become aroused and make the blood pressure becomes more manageable. In addition, massage can provide a calm effect and stress hormones that many appear because the daily activities will be much decreased. In addition to the loss of stress, body massage in delhi is also claimed to provide freedom from excessive anxiety.

As our bodies are massaged, much of the pain that strikes the body due to massage in delhitense muscles, cramps, or even cruel exhaustion or other factors. Massage will help the release of the hormone endorphins that make the pain disappear naturally. This is why many people feel their body feels better after a massage. In addition to muscle pain, pain caused by arthritis or even osteoarthritis can also be relieved by regular full body massage in delhi. In fact, some health experts say if massage can be a solution for those who experience pain due to side effects of cancer treatment.


Healing Massage for Back or Whole Body Pain

Are you experiencing fatigue, back and waist pain, perceptions and tension? Trust the most ancient healing remedy – the massage! massage

Healing massage is a collection of different types of techniques and therapies combined to eliminate chronic back and back pain or the whole body. Each patient receives a strictly individual approach where, after diagnosing the problems, the use of a certain type of technique is emphasized, depending on the specificity of the problems.

Healing body massage in delhi is appropriate in general body stiffness caused by sedentary lifestyle, physical and emotional stress, depressive states, insomnia, anxiety, back pain, back and sciatica, stiff neck and upper back pain, back pain legs, discopathy and disc hernias, plexitis, neuralgia, headache and migraine, bruising.

The healing massage is established in the healing practice of our Full relax Center for Classical, Medical, Professional, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage.

Massage applies to all age groups including children. It is a completely harmless, relaxing massage. Let us together raise your energy balance to prevent the occurrence of chronic or health problems to strengthen your body, use the power of healing massage.

Through Healing Massage you will feel fully prepared for the challenges of everyday life – stress, viruses, bacteria, back and back pain, disc herniation, discopathy, plexitis, sprains, etc.

Healing massage will help you to be in harmony with your body, whose harmony depends on its happy existence!

Increase your energy balance to prevent health problems and to strengthen your body, use the power of TREATMENT MASSAGE. After massage, you will feel fully prepared for the challenges of everyday life – stress, viruses, bacteria, falls, soreness and back, discopathy, disc herniation, headache, plexitis, sprain.


Types of Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Types of Swedish Massage

Refreshing Swedish Massage
Swedish massage in delhi with powerful catches, dynamically performed primarily on the muscular system. Of course, blood and lymph circulation also arouse, the pain decreases and the feeling of well-being improves.

Relaxing Swedish Massage
It is a soft, pampering massage with Swedish massage. Its effect lies in the “miracle” of touch. The body relaxes, the soul is with it and the tensions leave itself out of the body. If allergic factors do not affect, essential oils should be used to enhance the relaxing swedish body massage experience.

Swedish massage
Medical treatment, which is complemented by all the beneficial effects of Swedish massage, with joints, segmentation and connective tissue massage.

Swedish lymphatic massage
Gentle Swedish massage for circulation or other reasons in the case of lanky lymphatic joints.


Massage Therapies

Massage is one of the oldest and most enjoyable natural (harmless side-effects) methods for the prevention and cure of diseases. Massage therapy not only updates the muscles, skin, and blood circulation but also has a wonderful effect on the nervous system. Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system to counterbalance the body’s negative response to stress, relieve unintentional tension of the muscles, and to restore normal heart rate, blood pressure and circulation.

Massage Therapies

Massage Therapies

Mechanotherapy is the most important part of physiotherapy, including physiotherapy, body massage in delhi and various stretching treatments, also known as extensions. Mechanotherapy is based on the determination of the correct ratio of rest, motion and load.

Body massage in the treated organ produces local, and all-body effects. In the massaged area, blood flow develops, the skin gets more nutrients, and the harmful substances are emptied faster. The muscles relax, forming substances that enhance the performance. Its effect extends beyond the treated part of the body as nerves drive the pimp to the treated part of the body, through which the internal organs can also be affected positively.

The pulling treatments and extensions serve primarily to relax muscles and improve the nutrition of the joints. It can help get rid of ticks and nerves. Tensile treatments are often used together with hydrotherapy, for example. for the weight bath. The basic task of physiotherapy is to eliminate joint contractility and to strengthen weakened muscles. They are also often used together with hydrotherapy in the form of underwater gymnastics.

The enhancement and enhancement of mental-physical-psychological condition by touch-stroking is one of the most ancient natural therapies. Touch-stroking gives our life-needs, sense of security, joy, self-confidence, strength, warmth, and vitality, energy. In the absence of caressing touch, we will be more agitated, reduce the immune system’s ability to defend, and sometimes cause depression.

The comforting touch of touch and caressing as a means of detecting love is recognized in our early childhood, and the need for it takes us to death, as we feel that we need and love us. Although the massage does not have the ability to know which was the first chicken or egg. Therefore, because of the positive effect of full body to body massage in delhi in delhi on the soul, the body does not get sick or that a professional massage on the different points of the body is maintaining the health. Massage can prevent illnesses and protect our health. By improving our performance and beauty.

Massage is beneficial for the entire body:

It tightens and consumes it as it triggers blood flow, metabolism, and hence breaks it faster and the waste materials are excreted from the body. It relaxes the muscles, so it has soothing effect. It improves blood circulation and is also indicated for blood circulation problems. It relieves symptoms and complaints of many illnesses, diseases. It has an effect on the production of our hormones, the functioning of our digestive system, our internal organs, and our metabolism. The massage can be combined with aromatherapy to make the massage even more effective if you choose the right vegetable oil that is more successful in the particular illness or treatment.

There are several types of massage, but one thing is common to have a beneficial effect on each body and soul. But every massage has its own philosophy and origin, and each one has its own boundaries. There are two basic massage techniques:

– Western Massage Techniques: Restores the operation of some moving organs of the body (muscles, ankles, bones, joints). (eg: Swedish, healing, back massage)

– Oriental Massage Techniques: The basic essence and belief of these techniques is that the health of our body depends on how much energy it can circulate and flow. And its purpose is to restore this free flow of energy. If the muscles stretch, then they block the flow of energy.

From the two basic massage types, many other massage techniques have evolved.

At the massage, of course, not only the knowledge, knowledge, and knowledge of the specialist is the most important factor in the effectiveness of the massage, but also where and in what circumstances the treatment is used and how we can relax, relax and indulge ourselves in indulgence.

The underdeveloped lifestyle, the “forward-looking” work is nowadays the cause of symptoms that are commonly referred to as people’s disease. Due to the lack of movement, weak neck and back muscles keep the bent head for hours; so the muscles become tired, painful, tight, the neck becomes a painful headache. Tension, convulsions, worsening the blood supply to the muscles, resulting in lack of oxygen further exacerbate pain and muscle spasticity. As a result of poor keeping, we continue to burden our spine, resulting in discoloration, inflammatory disease and degenerative wear.

The Healing Effect of Massage
Healing massage is also a western massage therapy, the basis of European massage. In its basic principles, it is comparable to the Swedish Massage, the difference lies in the fact that the targeted area is treated in the course of a healing body to body massage in delhi.

Generally, he is treated as a doctor on a healing basis, his effect is on the regularity.
Treatment generally ranges from 45 to 60 minutes, but may be more or less time dependent on medical treatment and patient complaints.

The secret of the massage technique lies in smoothing, kneading, rubbing, tapping and shaking, and in the hands of the masseuse, it stimulates irritants in the tissue nerve endings that temporarily inhibit and reduce chronic painful stimuli to the brain.

Healing massage stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism, strengthens the immune system, relieves muscle pain, loosens muscles, strengthens muscle, improves performance and concentrates, painkillers.

Healing massage not only results in physical improvement of the body, but it also benefits from headaches from nervousness and has a soothing effect.

Healing massage is a treatment for everyone. For healthy people, as healing massage also provides general well-being, and also increases our performance and concentration capacity.

The healing effect of massage on individual illnesses

Rheumatic diseases: the most important and widest area of the indications. Dizziness and tissue changes in this condition can be well influenced by massage. In many cases, the massage causes the slush to fall. For arthrosis of large joints, long-term pain relief is often achieved only by massaging. According to Herbert Krauss, “soft tissue rheumatism” is the most effective cure for massaging.

Neurological diseases: from the indications, the treatment of peripheral paralysis can be highlighted. Massage helps prevent the atrophy of the affected muscle and the contracture and tightness of the healthy side. In the case of central paralysis, the effect of massage is low. However, by squeezing the affected limb, the spastic muscles may loosen, making exercise therapy easier.

Post-traumatic and Postoperative Diseases: Cautiously performed massaging after a period of surgery in the limbs or in the organs of the movement system can significantly reduce the duration of the healing process. Treatment of blood clots and bruising also reduces the number of complaints. Full body massage in delhi after joints and plaster fixations improves blood flow, and atrophic tissue regenerates.

Internal Medicine: In the case of heart disease, the peripheral circulation that revives the massaging effect relieves the heart. In the case of hypertension, by loosening muscular muscle spasms, peripheral arterioles are widened by the mechanical stimulus, thus decreasing blood pressure and other complaints (headache, dizziness, etc.). Psycho-vegetative syndrome can be mentioned among the indications, because the massage also influences the neuro-vegetative nervous system.

Chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, arm or lower limb complaints, recurrent headaches, fatigue, concentration disorders. For supportive regeneration after maintenance disturbances, developmental disorders, surgeries, diseases (eg neurological damage), traumas, accidents. The masseuse rejuvenates and loosens the cramped muscles with special catches to relieve the pain, as a result of the massage of the joints. Targeted treatment of circulatory areas or certain areas of the body (eg neck, back, shoulders, hips, feet) with Swedish massage.

Its goal:

  • Interrupt the cycle of pain
  • Improving the local circulation of tissues
  • Increase tissue oxygenation and metabolism
  • Normalizing muscle tone
  • Improving the organization’s overall status

Massage in New Delhi therapy relieves chronic pain, helps eliminate the condition that causes pain, and in itself has a pain-reducing effect on its own. With the help of a skilled masseuse therapist, it stimulates stimuli in the tissue nerve endings of the tissues that temporarily inhibit chronic pain.


Influence of Massage on the Body

Massage has different physiological effects on the body. Subjective sensations during and after massage depend on the right choice of massage techniques and methods for their use, dosing and duration of the massage

body massage in delhi


Incorrect massage can lead to general weakness, feeling weak, and other adverse general and local reactions. These phenomena are often seen in overdose of massage movements even in healthy people, but especially in the elderly who have increased tissue sensitivity.

The influence of massage on the skin.

– The massage in delhi has different physiological effects on the skin – removes the upper layer of dead skin cells, and together with them accumulates foreign particles like dust that settle in the pores. Many of the bacteria living on the surface of the skin are also removed.
– Improves the secretory function of sweat and sebaceous glands and their cleansing openings are cleared.
– The lymphatic flow and blood circulation of the skin is activated, the effect of venous stagnation, the blood flow to the skin is eliminated and therefore it improves its strength and elasticity, as a result of which the pale, relaxed, dry skin becomes pink, velvety in touch, with significantly increased resistance to mechanical and thermal effects
– Increases muscle tone, making the skin smoother, stiffer and elastic;
– There is improvement in local and general exchange, as the skin is involved in all metabolic processes in the body.

The effect of massage on the subcutaneous layer.

– On the adipose tissue, the massage acts indirectly through the overall effect on metabolism. Increasing metabolic processes in the body increase fat extraction from fat stores,
– Massage helps to “burn” fat that is in excess in adipose tissue. It should be noted that at least 15 procedures are required for weight loss and these massage procedures combined with exercises.

The influence of massage on the muscles and joints.

– The influence of massage increases the elasticity of the muscle fibers, their abdominal function, slows muscular atrophy
– Massage improves muscular activity while speeding up recovery after intense physical exercise. Even with a short massage (3-5 minutes), the tired muscles are recovering faster
– Massage has a significant impact on the joints. Under the influence of massages improves the blood supply to the joint and the surrounding tissues, strengthening the joints of the joint

The influence of the massage on the nervous system.

– System first responds during massage. The skin has a huge number of nerve endings. By altering the strength, nature and duration of the massage, the magnitude of nervous excitability can be reduced or increased to enhance and revive lost reflexes as well as the activity of the internal organs.
– Massages can weaken or eliminate pain, improve nerve conduction, speed up the process of regeneration. Very important for the effects on the nervous system of the massage atmosphere, warm air, soft light, pleasant quiet music help to enhance the therapeutic effect of the massage.

The influence of massage on the blood and lymphatic system.

– The massage causes an expansion of the functioning capillaries, the discovery of spare capillaries, which creates larger quantities for blood irrigation not only in the massaged area. This leads to improved gas exchange between blood and tissues (oxygen therapy). The discovery of spare capillaries under the influence of massage helps to improve blood redistribution in the body, which facilitates the work of the heart.
Massage has a major influence on lymph circulation. Lymph flow is very slow – 4-5 mm per second, but the flow rate is very variable and depends on various factors. Under the influence of massage movements – gazing in a centrifugal direction – the lymph flow accelerates.

The influence of massage on metabolism.

– Massage has different effects on metabolic processes. Under the influence of massage, urination increases. The increasing number of hemoglobin in blood, erythrocytes and leukocytes. Massage does not cause an increase in muscle lactic acid, as well as organic acids, the accumulation of which leads to the development of acidosis. This also has a beneficial effect on tired muscles.
– Strengthening metabolism helps reduce body fat.

There are many types of massage – Eastern, European, with cosmetic, restorative, curative, healing. Massages are done manually or with different modern equipment. In general, massages have positive effects on the body and the spirit of a person. It should be borne in mind that not all massages are suitable for pregnant women and very elderly people.


What Are The Benefits of Full Body Massage?

Massage therapists work the body in six quadrants to facilitate a greater


range of movement, detoxification, relaxation and other benefits. People with medical concern should ask their doctor about appropriate types of massage. Different types of body to body massage in delhi are Swedish, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular, Ayurvedic and Hot Stone. Relaxation

The main advantage for all kinds of body massages is the reduction of stress. A significant percentage of people get body massages or to reduce stress or for health reasons. The massage therapist advises clients about the type of massage that will benefit your body. Deep tissue massage in delhi involves discomfort for the therapist to relax contracted muscles.
Mood Improvement

Massage creates a direct link between pain reduction and improved mood. The benefits of one massage session can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and slower heartbeat. More massages can reduce anxiety, depression and pain.


Some physiotherapists will require their detoxification massage with spice plants or light, flurry moving the upper layers of the skin. Ayurvedic massage in delhi and lymph drainage are useful for detoxification. These massages are used by oils and slight pressure moves to publicize body toxins like food preservatives, allergens and harmful substances.

Healing Capacity

Body massage therapy in Delhi has been said to improve the quality of life of people suffering from cancer and people with AIDS. Avoid massage, if you have just had an operation or if you have blood clots, fractures, open or healed wounds, skin infections or weakened bones.


6 Massage Threats and Side Effects of Massage for Body Health

Massage is good and makes the body feel relaxed, what else if massaged by experienced masseur and massage good. Because not all masseurs feel good massage in delhi ncr, there are sick too.

Massage is well known to provide benefits for the physical and emotional, where massage can relieve muscle injury to reduce stress and anxiety. However, massage therapy also has side effects that can pose a risk to health.

Massage is generally safe, but can pose a risk to some people, as quoted from Live Strong. Therefore, it should be consulted before the massage, if you are pregnant or have a blood clot. In addition to consulting experts, consider also some risks and side effects of massage therapy that you need to know.

1. It hurts

Not all massage therapies cause a sense of wellness in the body, sometimes there is a massage therapy that actually causes pain or pain in the body the day after the massage. Massage techniques are of course various, there is a strong pressure there is a soft. Various techniques are usually used to treat wounds or muscle tissue. Massage should not be painful, be it any kind of massage technique. If at the time of massage pain is a good idea you tell her therapist to reduce the pressure on the massage, to feel better.

2. Allergies

At the time of massage therapy, many therapists who combine various materials such as massage oil, lotion or aromatherapy oil that turned out to be a trigger allergic reactions. To fix this you can try first massage oil on the back of the hand to know there is a reaction or not, before it is applied throughout the body.

3. Low virgin sugar

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) recommends that people with diabetes to check blood sugar pressure after the massage. Because massage therapy can sometimes just make the blood sugar pressure decreases. UMMC also recommends people with diabetes who like to massage regularly, also have to make a graph to see the pattern of blood sugar.

Blood Clots

Massage therapy can be very dangerous for those who have blood clots in the body. Because the massage, blood clots can be moved to the heart or to the brain so that it can cause heart attacks and strokes. It was put forward the health website Body Worker.

5. Causing Injury

Massage therapists who are not very professional can potentially provide wounds during the treatment. However, a physical rehabilitation specialist Dr. Robert Gotlin, who also works at Beth Israel Medical Center in the city of New York, USA Serikita, said that the problem usually arises when people who are massaged are first injured or problematic. The problem of injury due to the therapist who is not professional, tend to be low risk, it is because before becoming therapy they must first obtain a valid license and you as the customer is entitled to see the license.

6. Causes nerve damage

Many experts warn that massage therapy can cause damage to the nerves, although rarely done. Richard Brassaw of the Disability Happens website quoted a study conducted by the Arizona May Clinic which revealed that massage done too deeply and toned could potentially cause nerve damage in the neck and shoulder areas. The damage can occur if the therapist provides excessive massage pressure.