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Special Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi

Time to pamper and relax special full body massage parlour in Kailash Colony Delhi. It is very important for people who are in constant hurry to get services quickly and comfortably. The purpose of the Wellness SPA is to help you regain your soul’s rest in a short period of time, reduce various pains and give “new inspiration” to future work.

Warmth, special music, candles, great scents, professional masseur’s hands touches, gracefully permeate every cell – now it can not be just a dream.

Relaxing and anti-stress

In some establishments where this type of massage is given, relaxing and anti-stress, they are considered as synonyms. However, in some others they are taught as different techniques. When asking in the different establishments the difference between one and the other they indicated, for example, that in the relaxing massage the movements that are applied are very soft to induce the patient to the relaxation, whereas in the anti-stress they are stronger and deeper, because It is used in people who are stressed and have muscle contractures.

Holistic massage

This massage takes its name from the Greek term “Holos” which means everything, whole, complete. It is a therapy that induces the patient to a total relaxation and seeks the balance in all the levels of the human being so much physical, as emotional, mental and spiritual, to achieve this state of unification different massage techniques are used.

Hot stone massage

As its name indicates it is a treatment that uses stones, usually are volcanic or river, because they keep the heat longer.

It is a massage that is used to obtain a deep relaxation, in addition to descontracturar the areas where the energy is blocked.

There are therapists who use only hot stones and there are those who combine hot and cold. The use of this tool helps to work the emotional part of the patient to balance it.

Shiatsu massage

The word shiatsu means pressure with the finger, “shi” finger and “atsu” pressure. It is a massage that is used to level the energy of the body, that is, it is an energetic unblocker. It is considered Japanese but the base is Chinese. The application of this technique is done with fingers and palms, the objective is to balance the energy of the body in order to promote health and healing

Manual lymphatic drainage (DLM)

The DLM serves to eliminate the toxins and liquids that the body accumulates, in this therapy soft and repetitive movements are applied that direct the waste (toxins, liquids and fat) to the lymph nodes, where the organism eliminates them with greater ease.

With this massage, metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic flow are activated. In some establishments they give it in the whole body, while in others they only drain certain parts or they are applied before and after an operation.

Reductive massage

At present, reductive massage can be given manually or with appliances, or by combining the two techniques. According to our research, we found that in some establishments they do handle appliances and in others they do not. In addition, there are service providers that offer this type of treatment only in packages, however, most of the surveyed establishments can provide it individually.

This technique serves to reduce size, shape and reaffirm the figure. Before the treatment a diagnosis is made to locate the areas to work in order to move the adipose tissue.

Foot reflexology

Basically refers to the massage in feet, because we have many nerve endings that are connected to the different parts and organs of the body. By rubbing each point, each part of the body is reflexively stimulated, thus recovering the natural balance of the organism. The technique used is digital pressure.

Chocolate therapy

It is a therapy that can be applied to all skin types, for its nutritional properties, chocolate provides great benefits to the skin, as it hydrates, firms, removes roughness, dead cells, helps to eliminate fat and fight the signs of the skin. aging thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Remember that consuming chocolate causes a feeling of well-being, pleasure and euphoria, which is due to the properties of its components such as theobromine and phenylethylamine. When it is smeared on the body, the skin absorbs it generating the same sensations as if it were eaten, so this treatment helps to fight depression, stress and improves mood thanks to the production of endorphins in the body, hormone of the body. happiness.

The chocolate therapy consists first in making an exfoliation on the whole body and then a layer of chocolate is applied, it is wrapped around the person, either with a plastic or thermal sheet and left to act between 20 and 30 minutes. At the end of the time all the chocolate is removed. Some apply the term oil or cocoa cream to seal the treatment.

It should be noted that each provider has their personal way of offering this treatment, as there are places that only apply the chocolate wrap, while others give you massage with the application of this. In addition there are those who offer additional such as a tea, jacuzzi, sauna, etc.

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full body massage centre in kailash colony delhi

Full Body Massage Centre in Kailash Colony Delhi

Full Body Massage Centre in Delhi : Metro Station Gate No-2, Kailash Colony, Delhi – 110048 (Above Bank of Baroda)

Massage – the eternal miracle

Typical reasons for starting massage sessions are too stressful or painful. But massage care can take you far beyond what you suspect. Regular massage can be of great benefit to your overall health and well-being. Read to learn some of the wonderful health aspects available to you through massage.

The more you learn about the massage, the more you will benefit from each of our sessions. This review addresses some of the main benefits of massage:

Reduces stress
Helps digestion
Improves blood circulation
Relieves tension or pain in the muscles
Helps detoxify
Improves the range of motion
And many more …

The most obvious benefit shared by almost everyone is that whole body massage makes you feel great! To relieve stress, the results are indicative enough to involve many people as a normal part of their life. But are there any less obvious benefits?

The first point to develop massage techniques is your sense of touch. This is not surprising given that each square inch of the skin contains about 50 nerve endings. With five million touch receptors, the skin sends you messages to your brain, the body’s initial reaction to massage is to relax. It has been proven that even a touch reduces blood pressure and reduces heart rate. Touching signals the brain to produce endorphins, natural painkillers for your body.

Deep massage can restore flexibility and strength of muscles, improves their overall functional status. It is the ideal treatment for relieving tension or cramps in the muscles and helps to release toxins such as lactic acid (produced by muscle tissue during exercise).

Proper blood circulation is vital to your health. Your blood and lymph bring food to trillions of cells in the body and then carry waste from the cells. Massage improves nutrient exchange at the cellular level and deeper detoxification of the body. Do not forget that the future of you is determined by how well your cell army is regenerating, so massage is really an important part to stay healthy.

The nervous system is your communications network, sending and receiving messages that constantly determine the proper functioning of your body. Stress can affect the ability of the nervous system to do its job. Numerous nerve endings in the skin and muscles relax with a massage and this helps to keep your internal lines of communication open and active.

Massage is also a tool for maintaining flexibility in joints, such as the knee, thigh, spine, shoulders and neck. These joints are “tunnels” for nerves, arteries, and veins, so that their freedom of movement allows energy and blood to flow unhindered.

So, in order to be able to see the massage in all its light, just relax to feel the pain in the back. Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and is one of the earliest known health treatments known to man, why not hear more about it in today’s society?

In fact, massage today is rapidly growing in popularity and popularity. Apart from the ignorant, the massage had to overcome the reluctance of many people in terms of physical contact. Of course, once you try a therapeutic massage on yourself, most people get “fed up”.

“… More than 50 studies have shown that the massage has a positive effect of colic to hyperactivity with diabetes and migraine – in fact, almost any disease. Massage seems to help asthmatics breathe easier, boosts immune function in HIV-positive patients, autistic children – improves the ability to concentrate, lowers anxiety and depression … ”

“…. Massage can increase the lymphotox rate to 6 times. It improves immune function and reduces levels of (two) stress hormones … ”

As you can see, massage offers more benefits than you might have imagined. Let’s work together to help you get the most out of your massages!

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Female To Male Body To Body Massage In Kailash Colony Delhi

Female to male body to body massage in kailash colony delhi, a cultural association for mental and physical wellbeing, Beautiful Staff, in a comfortable and reserved studio, equipped with every comfort, for a moment to devote yourself to, with various types of massages, relaxation, body to body massage kailash colony delhi.

The complete range of massage : Call us : +91 9205404476

Full Body to Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi by Female to Male

A private and comfortable environment where you can spend time and have peace and serenity.

Massage has a lot of good effects on your health: relax, reduce pain, improve blood circulation, help digestion and metabolism.


We Offer:
1. relax massage.
2, Deep Tissue.
3. shoulder, back, waist, buttocks, legs, feet, all kinds of muscle, fascia pain (therapeutic massage)
4. full body to body massage
5. thai massage

Perfect gift idea for those who do not have time to travel for a massage, they do not like or can not go home.

Contraindications for massage:

in acute inflammation, infectious, feverish patients,
serious cardiovascular or circulatory problems,
cancer patients,
pregnant women, during the first, stronger day of menstruation,
after a recent surgical intervention,
bleeding, progressive osteoporosis,
in the case of dementia, the affected limb should not be masked.

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